Engine Connect, the first payment system born for connectivity
19 Jul

Coges is proud to present Engine Connect, the first payment system “digital native”. Thanks to the 4G integrated module, the Engine Connect can connect to Nebular connectivity service and to the peripherals which need a remote connection without the need for a router or any additional optional modules.

Engine Connect is a payment and connectivity system complete for the Operators  who demand the best for their vending machines, without compromises in terms of quality and performance and without complications.” assures Daniele Ioriatti, Coges sales manager “Engine Connect includes all the functions of Coges Engine, the most advanced payment system in the vending market, and goes further to meet the ever increasing connectivity needs of vending, by offering the connection to credit card readers, telemetry, remote update of programming and prices, credit on the cloud and much more..

Engine Connect is a multi-standard payment system for vending, equipped with all the main functions which made Coges Engine famous: among them the management of 200 price lines, price tables and differentiated time schedules bonuses complete of recharge and free sale, LOCK ID and deposit management. Engine Connect can also be equipped with Bluetooth module for managing the payment by means of smartphone with Pay4Vend and can be set to manage the credit on the cloud with the possibility of remote top-up. What differences it from its predecessors is the integrated 4G connectivity module, which permits to the payment system a remote connection simpler and faster, without the need for installing some additional telemetry modules.

The optional connection to Nebular service allows the Operator to receive in real time the accounting data from the vending machine and the connected peripherals, to send refunds by remote directly to the MyKey key and update the firmware, the database, the programming parameters and the prices without moving from the office. Furthermore Nebular permits to activate the payment by Satispay and to receive on the computer or the management software any report of faults and stock shortages.

The vending machine market becomes ever more evolved and connected.” observes Matteo Pegoraro, Coges technical responsible “An autonomous and complete payment system like Engine offers to the Operator an indispensable advantage in terms of flexibility: it can be installed on any type of vending machine without compromises, avoiding thus to be linked to a specific brand. In this way the Operators can feel free to choose the machine they prefer according to the specific needs of a location, by preferring a model for the hot and another one with a different brand for the snacks: he knows that in any case he will find the most suitable Coges payment system for his needs,  whether it is a versatile system using the universal MyKey key or an innovative card reader.

Engine Connect will be available in MyKey, MIFARE or LEGIC version by Coges and all the resellers in the European countries within the end of the year.

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Top up MyKey with credit card… even without a card reader
12 Sep

The coffee break is a pleasure, but sometimes we risk having to skip it because we left our wallet in the office or we have no coins in our pocket. Make sure that your most loyal customers don’t have to miss their relaxing break thanks to the new function of online credit on MyKey! Nebular allows you to move the credit present in the key to the Cloud, thus permitting the users to top  up their key with credit card also by smartphone, by their PC at the office or at home! MyKey remains the most suitable tool to purchase from a vending machine; thanks to Nebular it becomes even more flexible with new recharge options and without the need for a physical card reader.

Would you like to know more? Watch the video on our YouTube channel!

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Take the credit to the Cloud with Palladium Touch
25 Aug

Coges MyKey is an ingredient of the coffee break for about an Italian out of 5. These users are ready for new loyalty functions like registration on the portal, online recharge, bonus and much more. Conquer your users with the innovative Palladium Touch System: offer new options of payment and cashless recharge; exploit the power of Nebular for simultaneous bidirectional interaction between Cloud and system and use the wide display to give sales information and a user interface. Thanks to the native connection between Palladium Touch and Nebular, the credit is not on the key, but it is stored on the Cloud, guaranteeing a higher anti-fraud safety also in the most problematic locations. Furthermore Palladium Touch permits to recharge MyKey and MIFARE supports with credit card, without the need for a card reader!

Would you like to know more? Watch the video on our YouTube channel!

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Coges focuses on precision and efficiency with the new Sofis coin mechanism
04 May

Coges will present at Venditalia the release on the market of the new SOFIS change-giver coin mechanism for vending machines, a precise and functional MDB payment system, able to guarantee the high performance necessary to meet all the needs of the vending operator. The Sofis coin mechanism will join the Hexis and Unica coin mechanisms in the range of Coges cash payment systems.

“Sofis distinguishes itself from other Coges coin mechanisms because it combines maximum precision in coin recognition with extreme simplicity of operation.” Underlines Daniele Ioriatti, the new Sales Manager of the Vicenza-based company. “If Hexis and Unica are very smart change-givers, with the possibility of paying with smartphones and above all connecting to the Cloud with the Nebular platform, Sofis is characterized as an essential MDB coin mechanism: flexible in configuration, easy to manage and extremely precise, sharing the new module for coin recognition developed for Hexis, ideal for those looking for a secure and uncomplicated cash payment system.

Sofis has considerable elements of discontinuity even with Aeterna, the other “unconnected” coin mechanism from Coges: first of all, Sofis will only be available in the MDB version; in addition, the absence of a display and keypad in the new coin mechanism is compensated for by the immediate programming with E.C.S. Programmer. The most important difference, however, lies precisely in the recognition unit: thanks to a revolutionary multifrequency reading technology, the new module is able to collect a greater amount of information on the characteristics of the metal alloy. This technology, combined with the analysis of over 200 mechanical, optical, acoustic and electromagnetic parameters, allows the Sofis change giver a better quality of coin identification which translates into a more advanced acquisition capacity, a greater number of recognized currencies and above all, in better discrimination of fakes and fraud.

Particular attention was paid to cleaning and maintenance operations, made easier by the modular structure of the coin mechanism. Finally, the Sofis tube group, like that of Hexis, also stands out for its length and for the possibility of being easily configured to meet the needs of the Operator in the various locations, accepting the most requested value combinations.

Surely Coges is focusing more and more on connected payment systems and is making the hardware-software ecosystem the central point of its value proposition.” Matteo Pegoraro, head of the R&D area observes “This does not mean that we intend to neglect the design of more traditional payment systems. We work closely with all the players in the vending market and we know that each location has particular needs, connected systems are a fundamental step forward but they are not the answer to everything. Coges’ goal has always been to draw on its vast experience to develop a complete, versatile and integrated range and offer our customers the most innovative solutions.

The Sofis change giver will be available for purchase at Coges and authorized dealers starting from next month. Come and discover it from 11 to 14 May at stand C43-D48 in Hall 3 at Venditalia!

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How does Hexis assisted recharge work?
16 Jun

Even though Hexis Change-giver Coin mechanism enjoys considerable operation autonomy, also thanks to its 5 capacious tubes, sometimes it may happen that some tubes empty and it results necessary to recharge them with coins. These are usually the tubes containing the low-denomination coins, which are given more frequently as change to the vending machines’ users.

Normally, to fill the empty tubes with coins the Operator is obliged to calculate accurately how many new coins were inserted and to remove an equal value from another tube containing high-denomination coins. This is often the only way to “move” a certain amount of currency from a tube to another one, by keeping a correct accounting of takings.

This operation, if carried out manually, involves some evident risks of calculation errors and always needs much care and time. To resolve these problems, Hexis includes the optional Assisted Recharge function, which is already present in the other Coges Change-giver Coin mechanisms. Thanks to this function the Operator limits himself to insert an identification key in the cashless Reader connected to the Coin mechanism and to insert all the desired coins in the insertion slot of the vending machine.

The inserted key – a normal MyKey, programmed with section code 96 – will permit the Coin mechanism to recognize the filling operation in progress without confusing it with a sale. The insertion of the coins will be fast thanks to the acceptance rate of Hexis Coin mechanism and when the desired tube will result full, the Coin mechanism will signal it by addressing the surplus coins into the reject channel. The same operation can be carried out at the same time even in more tubes with different denominations.

At this point the operator has only to extract the recognition key from the Reader and Hexis will precisely calculate the value of all the inserted coins, by giving a change in high-denomination coins with the same value: the same operation which was previously carried out by the operator, however in less time and higher reliability. In this way in addition to a correct accounting the presence of coins into the tubes is always guaranteed.

Furthermore, all the recharge operation can occur without the need for opening the vending machine door and for accessing physically to the tube group.

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How does the self-locking of the tube box of Hexis work?
11 May

The tube box of Hexis Change-giver Coin mechanism is locked by an electromagnet which blocks its opening. By means of the programming menu the box can be set to unlock freely or to be locked. In this case the opening will be allowed only after the insertion of an authorized key or the entering of an opening code on the keypad of the Coin mechanism. Up to five opening codes can be set.

The box opening by key or password is registered in a special event log which cannot be changed, therefore it is possible to check during the data collection phase when the tube box was opened, with which key or code and how long.

The registration of the unlock operations of the tube box occurs automatically also with the Coin mechanism switched off. This function guarantees to the operator a high level of security as whoever goes and act on the vending machine or on the Coin mechanism, if unauthorized, cannot physically access the accumulated cash.

Take a look to Hexis page for further information.

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What makes Hexis so precise?
04 May

One of the secrets of the extraordinary precision of Hexis, which permits to recognize coins in standard conditions at first insertion, lies in its new Caesium Pro validator module.

Traditionally the coin validators measure different parameters or features of coins: one of the most important has always been the electromagnetic analysis of alloys. Another main operation is the measurement of the coin diameter, in the validators designed by Azkoyen Group, instead, another parameter which permits to contrast the different types of fraud comes from the sound analysis.

The main innovation of Caesium Pro module is the collection of information on the metallic and magnetic composition of the coins with three different depths of penetration: three different wavelengths are used at the same time in order to get a higher quantity of information. Therefore the new coin analysis sensor integrates the advantages of the multimodal technology already patented by Azkoyen, which permits to the three detection coils to work at the same time with the processing and the multifrequency stimulation.

Furthermore, Caesium Pro validator module incorporates a new faster and more powerful microcontroller which permits a higher number of readings during the coin passage and a higher precision for each of the magnetic measurement parameters.

This innovative technology, covered by two new patents, involves a better quality of coin identification by Hexis Change-giver Coin mechanism, whose result is a better acceptance and, moreover, a better counterfeit discrimination and the fraud attempts.

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Hexis, from Coges experience arrives the new generation of Change-giver coin mechanisms
19 Apr

Coges presents new Hexis Change-giver coin mechanism, outcome of Coges experience in payment systems for vending machines: an integrated solution for coins and cashless which stands out for its precision in coin validation, flexibility in configuration and possibility of remote connectivity.

Hexis Change-giver coin mechanism comes up beside Unica and Aeterna in Coges range of payment systems for vending; it offers an integrated solution for payment by coin, key or MIFARE in only one product. For those wishing to add the possibility of payment by smartphone, which is increasingly requested also for safety and hygiene reasons, Hexis includes a standard Bluetooth module designed for connection to the appreciated Pay4Vend App.

Hexis is a new generation cashless Coin mechanism” – states Mario Majo, Coges Commercial Director – “In this product we put together the best of our Change-giver coin mechanisms for vending with a cashless payment system such as Coges Engine, to offer our Customers a solution with performance, reliability and price ratio at the top of the category.”

Hexis’ strength is the new validator group: thanks to its multi-frequency sensors, the Coin mechanism can offer an acceptance level higher than 96% for all coins in standard conditions. Today Hexis is one of the fastest Coin mechanisms in the vending market, reaching up to 3 coins per second in acceptance and up to 2 coins per second in change delivery.

Hexis tube group can be easily configured by the Operator to meet the specific needs of each location and of the different currencies, by guaranteeing wide autonomy of operation thanks to the 5 extraordinarily long tubes: they can contain up to 97 coins from 0,05 € and are the most capacious tubes in vending. The security of the tube box, according to the tradition of Coges coin mechanisms, is guaranteed by an electromagnetic lock: the box can be configured in order to open only by an authorized key or by entering an opening code. The box opening is registered by a proper log which cannot be changed, even with Coin mechanism switched off.

Like Coges Engine System and Unica Coin mechanism, Hexis is prepared for an optional 2G/4G or LAN-WIFI connectivity module, in order to connect the Coin mechanism to Coges Nebular platform. Nebular brings Hexis control dashboard directly on management system, on web portal or on smartphone in real time, allowing a constant monitoring of the performance of the payment system and huge savings on maintenance and update time and costs. Among the Nebular functions, available 24 hours a day, Coges highlights the possibility of remote update of the coin database, firmware and parameter programming, credit refund on vending machine or directly on user MyKey, organization of product stock, management of single cash and key transactions and diagnostic alarms. Furthermore Hexis Coin mechanism connected to Nebular is compatible with PMT Nebular Pay Credit card reader, to offer to offer an even more complete range of payment options.

Moreover Hexis internal unit permits a complete control of the accounting data.  Without Nebular it is possible to update the system and read the accounting data by means of the USB port or integrated IrDA.

Precise, flexible and ready for the network connection: Hexis is the ideal Change-giver coin mechanism for who desires to integrate all the cash versatility with the effectiveness and security of cashless in his vending machine.

Hexis is already available for purchase by Coges and the authorized resellers. Contact us to discover all the advantages of smart vending!

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Conjugate the advantages of a mobile solution with the practicality of the physical key
10 Nov

During the last years the mobile payment solutions have found an increasing success in the vending world as well: there are many applications which permit to purchase some products on the vending machine by paying with the smartphone. The advantages of this technology are many, starting from the possibility of transforming the smartphone that the user has in his pocket in a support for payment. Furthermore, by means of the apps for payment the Operator can build a bidirectional communication channel with the user, make himself know, receive or send messages. Finally the payment apps,  go generally  with the tools of the  Backoffice which offer to the Operator the possibility of monitoring the purchases and the credit recharges, of planning some promotions or discounts and in general of collecting information on the purchase habits of the users, to feed the marketing experts in order to improve the sale performances.

The applications for smartphone, however, have some limits which cannot always be overcome. In many locations it is not allowed to take the smartphone during the coffee break or it is not practical: just think about the school or to the manufacturing departments of the industry. Some apps can need a phone coverage in order to function (this is not the case of Pay4Vend) and this is not available everywhere. The apps themselves, as much as they are well-designed, can be unavailable for all the models and the versions of the operating systems for smartphone and offer a user experience less immediate compared to the traditional supports. In all these cases both the user and the Operator will find themselves to regret the simple use of the classic rechargeable key, even if they don’t want to renounce to the advantages of the digital technology.

Nevertheless there is a system to get the best of the two worlds: the practicality of a cashless key and the connectivity of an application. As a matter of fact Coges has designed a new generation of MyKey keys as a contact point between the physical support and the digital experience, thanks to the original possibility of accessing a web showcase (product waiting for a patent). This service extends to the key the typical advantages of the mobile solutions, exploiting at the same time the versatility and the simple use of a support which is present in a widespread way on the market as is MyKey key. In which way?

The web showcase of the new MyKey keys is a page dedicated to the Operator, where the user can enter with his smartphone by means of a QR code and register as he would do on an app. By opening a web showcase, the user could display a digital version of the label normally present on the vending machine, with the phone number and the e-mail address for contact, always updated and available for the Customer. Each web showcase is a different page from the others, with the logo and the colours chosen by the Operator: the brand and the trademark of the business management are highlighted also thanks to the parallel laser etching of the Operator’s logo on the MyKey keys.

The maximum potential of the web showcase reveals in the integration with Nebular, Coges platform to connect the payment system of the vending machine to the Internet network. Nebular permits to the Operator to make a firmware remote update of its systems and the coin and bill database, to detect some alarms and accounting data, to program the operating parameters and to manage the product stock with a simple planogram.

In the locations where the vending machines are connected to the Nebular platform, the access to the web showcase will offer to the registered user the same functions which he could find on the app: display its own credit on the key, send a feedback on the products, on the vending machine or the service, look up the log of the consumptions or send directly a message to the Operator. In case of the web showcase these functions can be accessed not only by smartphone, but also by a desktop computer or tablet; furthermore, as this is a web-based service, they are available for any model of phone and don’t need for complex updates on the Operator’s side.

Even in this case, as it happens for the apps, all the transactions carried out by the user with his MyKey key are registered on the web portal: in this way the Operator can access an updated registration of his users and can see the amount of purchases and recharges, analyze his sale data and plan some marketing strategies  and focused promotions. If an Operator intends to exploit the big data in order to survey the consumption of his customers, analyze the behaviours and implement some more  effective marketing strategies to increase the sales, he will find on Nebular all the data he needs. In the daily operation, the Operator has access to all the messages received by the users to intervene in a fast and precise way where it is necessary a maintenance or a restore of the product stock and can answer to the requests of the single user also by sending the refund or a bonus to a specific MyKey key.

For the customers who use the Nebular platform, the web showcase requires only an activation contribution for the etching of the logo on the keys, without additional monthly fee or update costs.  If you don’t want to renounce to the practicality of the key, but you desire to improve the service offered to the users with an interactive application which is always connected, contact your Coges area manager and find out how to customize the new MyKey key and activate the web showcase.

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Nebular expands its functions with the new LAN-WIFI kit
02 Nov

Coges adds to its range of accessories for the payment systems a new kit for the connection to the LAN network and the Wi-Fi one, which is compatible with cashless Coges Engine System and Unica Change-giver Coin mechanism. The kit offers a new connection option to the Nebular platform for Vending, perfect above all for the locations  which offer an access to the network via cable or Wi-Fi and for the vending machines where the network connection is already present, for example by means of a router with SIM card installed in the vending machine. In this way the payment system will be able to exploit the existing connection.

The connectivity in the payment systems is more and more requested and appreciated at the moment, also in view of the current needs of distance” observes Matteo Pegoraro, Coges R&D manager. “Thanks to this new accessory we introduce an alternative for all the vending machines which access an independent connection and want to make a network with the payment systems as well, with all the advantages which follow in terms of firmware update, remote credit refund, change of configuration parameters, recording of sale data, real time alarms and much more. The LAN-WIFI kit is conceived for the connection to the Nebular platform, which in this way becomes even more versatile.”

The LAN-WIFI expansion kit offers a valid alternative to the 2G/4G connection, which is currently the more exploited for the connection to Nebular. The kit includes a safety battery pack and is suitable to be connected to two temperature probes and a sensor for door opening.

The new Nebular LAN-WIFI connectivity kit is available in two versions: Engine and Unica. The first is installed inside the Engine plastic shell, the second includes an external shell which is connected to Unica Change-giver Coin mechanism with a direct cable.

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