Coges unveils the new Nebular at Venditalia 2022

Coges will present at Venditalia 2022 the new release of the NEBULAR service, an integrated platform of hardware, software and Cloud services designed to provide each Operator with all the payment options and user loyalty he has always wanted. Building on its growing success throughout Europe, Nebular moves to a new, even more performing server infrastructure, which allows for improved security and efficiency and paves the way for new functions, such as the revolutionary credit management on the Cloud. Nebular thus becomes the vital center of the entire ecosystem of connected Coges products, a scalable architecture of intelligent devices that allows the Operator to choose for each location the hardware and software components that can bring him greater advantages and to modify them over time.

NEBULAR is changing the way of understanding the vending business, freeing the services that can be offered to the user from the hardware limits of the vending machine,” says Daniele Ioriatti, Sales Manager of Coges. “This is not a single product, but a complete solution that each Operator can adapt to their needs and those of the location. When we talk about Nebular we are talking about the NEBULAR PAY contactless credit card reader, which recreates the immediacy and speed of purchasing of the retail environment on the vending machine, the MYKEY key with QR code to enable online credit top-up, the new PALLADIUM TOUCH system with touchscreen display and key credit management on the Cloud, which we will present in absolute preview at Venditalia. These are systems that offer unprecedented functions in vending and that integrate natively with the hardware of COGES ENGINE and the UNICA and HEXIS coin mechanisms.

The Nebular platform is designed to accept the widest range of payment methods in vending and retail: cash, MyKey, MIFARE, credit cards, virtual wallets, mobile payment apps… The list is constantly growing with third party payment options such as ApplePay, Google Pay and Satispay. In this way, the Operator will be able to digitalize its relationship with all customers and involve them through loyalty programs, bonuses and exclusive functions such as online top-up and the user portal. Nebular also allows you to achieve operational excellence thanks to accurate data collection and sales reports, including real-time information on top-ups and credit balances on cashless media. Coges’ control over the entire platform and the life cycle of the individual parts reduces the need for maintenance and limits obsolescence, to meet the Operator’s needs today and in the future.

Among the new Nebular functions presented at Venditalia 2022, the spotlight will certainly fall on the possibility to transfer the storage of the key credit from MyKey to the Cloud. Credit on the Cloud offers the Operator total control over MyKeys and transactions, both in terms of security and credit management: MyKey lock in case of theft or loss, credit transfer from one MyKey to another and instant refund on the user’s MyKey. Furthermore, the transfer to Nebular enables the credit recharge on MyKey via credit card directly from the portal via computer, smartphone or via the new Palladium Touch system.

The range of Coges payment systems is completed with new products that will be presented at Venditalia, starting with the new change-giver coin mechanism for vending machines SOFIS, a precise and functional MDB peripheral, able to guarantee the high performance necessary to meet all the needs of the Vending manager. The appointment at Fieramilanocity will also be an opportunity to review some of the payment systems unveiled over the last two years and already on the market, such as the Hexis change giver, the new MyKey and the small DYNAMOS cashless system.

From the cashless key to smart payment systems connected to the Cloud, for 45 years Coges has been using its experience to transform vending machines into smart systems, continuing to innovate to bring an increasing number of satisfied consumers into vending. From 11 to 14 May we will be at stand C43-D48 in Hall 3 in Venditalia, happy to come back to meet you in person and to present the future of the evolution of vending.

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