Coges Engine
The electronic vending system with the most advanced cashless payment functions.

Coges Engine is the most complete and innovative electronic vending system: the most advanced functions of the cashless payment system are integrated with cash management and telemetry into one powerful, complete and flexible system to adapt to any need.

This is a multistandard system able to dialogue with the main communication protocols on the market (Executive, MDB, BDV, RS232). Thanks to the integrated cash and cashless management, the system can be connected to any cash recognition device.

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Which kind of cashless do you have?

Depending on the reader, Coges cashless systems support MyKey (cashless media with proprietary protocol and transponder transmitter), MIFARE Classic and DESFire (fobs and stickers) and LEGIC media. Choose the readers that best suit your needs and increase the value of your vending machine with all the advantages of cashless and Coges experience.

Key reader
Mifare reader
Legic reader
Reader for Coges proprietary keys such as CL keys, MyKeys and Service keys. Available in version with integrated IR device
Reader for cards, tag, fob and other MIFARE devices in Classic and DESFIRE format. It is compatible with the standards ISO/IEC14443 type A & B.
It can read LEGIC cards and fobs, formatting cards; it is compatible with the standards ISO/RF.
Coges Engine can be equipped with an optional Bluetooth module to make it compatible with the Pay4Vend smartphone payment system.
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Do you need to collect data?

The Coges electronic payment systems store all the data necessary to quickly and accurately maintain a correct accounting of the vending machine.

The accessories for the recording of accounting data make it possible to download the audit and import them into a management system or wherever it is necessary in the most efficient and user-friendly way.


Nebular is the next generation solution to offer electronic payment and vending machine connectivity in a single product. Nebular brings the intelligence of your payment systems to the cloud, giving you the connectivity you need to get the best out of your fleet.

Where could you use Coges Engine?

Company or school canteens
Every model
Companies and offices
Schools and universities
A model for every need

Coges Engine is available in several models that can be easily updated and enhanced with additional modules to adapt the system to any need. The Plus version of each model allows the use of additional features.

Coges Engine Data
Model for master data collection, without key / card reader
Coges Engine Base
Available in Key and Mifare version
Coges Engine Plus
Available in Key, Mifare and Legic version
Hundreds of possibilities
What can you do with Engine?
Technical specifications
Last transactions recording on cashless media Excluding MIFARE Excluding MIFARE
Automatic deposit management Excluding MIFARE
Controlled sales Included Included
Data recording from cash and cashless peripherals Included Included Included
Price lines 100 15 100
Time tables to differentiate prices 2 10
Multiple key and card tables 2 4
Free sales bonus Basic Included
Bill recharge bonus Included
Menu bonus (“Happy Break”) Included
Blacklist Included Included
Calories control Included
Single transaction recording Included
Age control Included
Eco-recycling Included Included
Ticket restaurant Included
Data audit IR
Service keys
Connectivity 2G
Firmware updating USB
Service keys
Parameters settings ECS Programmer
Bluetooth, IR
Transactions recording Service keys
Dimensions LXWXH 125 x 35 x 99 mm
Weight gr. 156
Material Polycarbonate
Pricelines 15-100
Protocols Executive, MDB, BDV
Nominal power supply 12/24 V AC/DC
Absorbed power 15 W
Working temperature 0 | 50°C
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