The simpliest way to get the change.


The 5-tube Aeterna Change-Giver Coin Mechanism combines the high performances coming from Coges experience and the simplicity of use and operation necessary in such a product. Both in the interface and in the programming menu, Aeterna has been designed for practical, intuitive use, making setup quick and easy.

SPEED: With a newly conceived separator/validator group, the Aeterna change-giver coin mechanism has a recognition rate of up to 2 or 3 coins per second (depending on the coin type).

PRECISION: The use of new technologies for the separator/validator group makes for fast, accurate channelling of the coins into the tubes and highly precise coin recognition. The traditional technology based on electromagnets and shutters has been abandoned in favour of an innovating, adjustable hopper system that directs the coins precisely into the correct channel.

VERSATILITY: Its 5 tubes give greater versatility and longer independent operation when delivering change.

INDEPENDENT OPERATION: Aeterna tubes are exceptionally long: they indeed have greater capacity than other change-giver coin mechanisms currently on the market. The tube group has photocells at two levels for accurate monitoring of the coin levels in the tubes.

INFRARED INTERFACE: The Aeterna change-giver coin mechanism has an integrated IR interface for transmitting accounting data to a palm computer. It is also possibleto connect an external IR PORT module to the coin mechanism, installing it inside the vending machine.

ASSISTED RECHARGING*: When the operator has to recharge coins into the tubes, the Aeterna changes the cash float automatically and the operation is recorded in the accounting data.

* Patented function, it works only with Coges cashless systems connected

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Main change-giver functions

  • Setting the tube of reference for managing the message “Insert exact amount”;
  • Possibility of entering coin or token settings;
  • 4 tube-loading modes (manual, preset amount, set number, assisted loading);
  • Diagnostics for delivery motor and tube photocell operation;
  • Separate single- and multi-sale management for cash and key;
  • Settings for residual credit waiting time;
  • Maximum credit allowed on key.

Cashless integration

The advantages of an integrated solution for managing cash and cashless in a payment system by key or card which can be connected to the MDB bus of the Aeterna Change-Giver Coin Mechanism.

Technical data

Dimensions (LxWxH):
138x80x381 mm
1.7 Kg
Programmable prices:
50 cash – 50 cashless
Protocols used:
Executive, MDB, BDV
Data recording:
Integrated or external IR PORT Module
Software update:
Via PC – Maxi Programmer
Keypad on front panel – Maxi Programmer
Price management:
VMC, Price Holding, Cost by Price

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