Cashless payment systems
Cash payment systems

A payment system to grow with your business

The use of cashless payment systems allows you to set a tiered pricing policy in your vending machines, to anticipate the income compared to sale and to reduce cash management costs while providing accurate accounting data. Coges cashless systems, using the best of Mifare and Legic technologies or its encrypted proprietary system, allow you to set bonuses, discounts and promotions to retain customers through promotions based on user categories, on the day of the week and much more.

According to EVA Research, 7% of the sales in Vending never happened because the user has not cash.

Choose Coges to connect your vending machines for:

Payment with smartphone: offer an alternative payment option to your customers by enabling payment via smartphone app.

Collecting accounting data with Nebular: manage your business with real time information about sales, detail for price line, coins/bills in tubes and much more.

Detecting alarms: the remote control of the products stock and alarms allows economy on the management of the vending machine.

Updating by remote: keep your payment systems up to date adding new functions and security patches as soon as they are available.

Nebular connectivity and telemetry service for vending machines

Don’t worry about the security of your data: we will take care of it. All transmissions from the payment system to the cloud are encrypted and we rely on dedicated servers and connectivity networks among the safest and most efficient available worldwide.

We grant you safe and accurate payment systems for cash validation at your vending machines.

Since 1977 Coges designs electronic payment systems for recognition and automatic acceptance of coins and bills. These electronic devices are ideal for installation in vending machines and in all equipment that need a precise, reliable, automatic coin and bill recognition system; they can be connected to a cashless payment system, which they complete. The change giver coin mechanisms – versatile and with innovative functions – represents the pride of this product line.

Coin validators, bill validators and change giver coin mechanisms are supplied with a wide database and the special software necessary for making their use simple and immediate.

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Coges Pay4Vend app takes part to the UXChallenge 2021

Coges announces its attendance to the UXChallenge venture with the Pay4Vend app, which will be held in Trento from 15th up to 19th February 2021. The UXChallenge is born with the aim to improve the user experience (UX) of digital products, selected from a small group of participating companies. The event is organized by HUB Innovazione Trentino and other European partners within the scope of the 200SMEChallenge project of the European Union, with the aim to support the innovation of the companies, particularly as regards the adoption of a product design focused on the user.

Pay4Vend is the product Coges decided to present in this challenge, that is our app for payment on vending machines.“ – explains Fabio Brandellero, Coges Saas Consultant – “Since 2015 Pay4Vend has been one of the preferred applications in the vending world, but in the digital technology field, innovation never stops. Our aim is to get hints coming from external resources of our company in order to value the future evolution of this product, thanks to the specific skills of students and young designers. I’m sure they will surprise us.

The new ideas concerning the selected products for the challenge will be developed by a team consisting of university students and young talented designers during an event which will last 5 days. Instead of the traditional awards for innovation, the UX Challenge permits to supply some prototype solutions to a series of real cases; some real proposals to improve the user experience which could we adopted by the companies involved.

As highlighted by the last Ipsos survey commissioned by Confida, the simple use is the main satisfactory item among the vending users. If the smartphone apps and other smart payment methods are moderately underused in the vending sector, it is truth that the interest for the new contactless payment methods is very high both on the users’ and the Operator’s sides.

This is not the first time that Coges involves young students in the design of its products,” – remembers Matteo Pegoraro, Coges R&D Manager – “but it is the first time we take part to a public challenge context, focused on digital products. It’s essential that some young open-minded people, discuss these types of products, that are more and more important for Coges.”

 The Italian company takes part to the UXChallenge convinced that during this phase of the vending history, the technological innovation shall be oriented to the usability and the end-user experience, as regards both the vending machines and the payment systems. The design of smart vending solutions, more and more connected and careful of the consumer habits is the main way for the evolution of our sector.

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