Palladium Touch

Palladium Touch is a cashless payment system for vending machines connected to the Cloud, equipped with an interactive display and a combined MyKey and MIFARE reader. Thanks to the native connection between Palladium Touch and Nebular, the credit does not reside on the key but is stored on Nebular. The MyKey or MIFARE media is used to provide the end user with a unique and secure ID, with credit control by the Operator.

Palladium Touch increases the value of your MyKeys and helps you grow your vending operation:

  • Offer new cashless payment and top-up options
  • Harness the power of Nebular for simultaneous bidirectional interaction between Cloud and system
  • Use the large display for commercial information and user interface

Transaction evolution in vending

Palladium Touch is the first Coges system designed to natively exploit the advantages of the Internet of Vending:

Linux operating system
Connectivity to Nebular as standard
7-inch video display
MyKey / MIFARE combo reader

Online top-up

Top up MyKey and Mifare with credit card without the need for a card reader! Securely authorize and select the payment channel from your smartphone: credit cards, ApplePay, GooglePay, Satispay …The top-up is instant and recorded for tax purposes.

The transfer to the Cloud also allows you to enable credit top-up on MyKey from the portal* via computer or smartphone at any time, even when the user is not in front of the vending machine.

* Patent pending

Credit on Cloud

The credit on Nebular allows the Operator to have total control of the MyKeys:

  • Greater anti-fraud security with real-time credit and transaction checks
  • Possibility to block the MyKey in case of theft or loss (black / white list)
  • Credit transfer from one MyKey to another

Direct and instant refund on MyKey

Touchscreen user interface
Palladium Touch + Nebular
Web showcase
Transaction evolution
Multimedia capability (promotional photos / videos)
Promotions and loyalty
Feedback and interaction with the Operator
Purchase history
Multilingual commands
Keypad emulation on vending machine
EVA-DTS audit
Credit refund
Control of sales and top-up transactions
Product stock management
Updating of parameters, firmware and database also on connected peripherals
Customizable alarms
Credit top-up on key
Sending feedback
Possibility of contacting the Operator directly
Purchase history
A multimedia showcase for your products

Palladium Touch allows you to engage the users of your vending machine even more, capturing their attention or entertaining them during the coffee break!

  • Display advertising videos, special offers, promotional images or your company logo
  • Upload video from the system’s USB port
  • Select and upload images remotely with Nebular
Technical specifications
Feature Value
Operating protocol: Executive
Connection to MDB peripherals: coin validator, change-giver coin mechanism, bill validator, MDB cashless 1 and 2
Price tables: 8
Price lines: 200
Supported cashless media: New MyKey (2020)
Connectivity: Ethernet and 4G connectivity as standard
Operating system: Linux
Data audit: Nebular and system Bluetooth
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