With more than forty years in the vending industry, Coges is an European leader in the design and production of cashless and cash payment systems for vending machines.

COGES aims to be a leader on the European market for automated payment systems and connectivity services for vending, by proposing a series of excellent, reliable solutions, by developing its unique skills, striving for innovation, adopting advanced management systems, and through the ongoing commitment of its staff and external contributors and its long standing and trusted relations with its main customers and suppliers.


Over forty years of experience in the payment system sector are combined with a determined commitment to improvement, not only in terms of the products and services offered to the market, but also in terms of corporate processes to which Coges has always been highly attentive.

The value of simplicity is based on the use of a key for the use of a service in a direct and effective way.

This philosophy is embodied in the strength of the organization that, thanks to a consolidated experience in the product, now turns its objectives to the ability to provide added value through a series of services.

In this regard, the Customer Service office stands as a privileged referent both inside and outside the company: an ideal bridge between the market and design not only offers the most up-to-date technical solutions and customer assistance, but also collects valuable information for the improvement and implementation of products.

This strategy is backed up by ongoing research and the importance that the company gives to technological investment, which thereby allows Coges to offer a complete product range and hence assure solutions that are all integrated, reliable and compatible with each other.

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The coges structure

The company core business is based on Research & Development, where the most innovative and functional ideas take form, and are transformed into our products thanks to assembly and testing departments. Our commercial success is the responsibility of the Sales Area, which is supported by a group of Area Managers, each of whom covers specific regions and markets.

Coges can also count on two branch offices in France and in Spain, each with a sales manager and a SAT office that guarantees the continuity of customer service for the company. Finally, the perfect extension of the company is its wide network of authorised dealers distributed uniformly in both Italy and abroad. The highly qualified personnel are able to guarantee both servicing and technical advice.

Since 2005 Coges is part of the Azkoyen Group, a Spanish multinational company specialized in the design, production and marketing of advanced technological solutions for the vending, payment and security markets. The synergy within the Azkoyen Group allows the sharing of the best skills in order to continue developing the best cash and cashless solutions in vending, respecting the autonomy and uniqueness of Coges.

Quality and safety

Since 1999 COGES quality system has had UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, which was renewed according to 2015 version in March 2018. The company activities are carried out according to the following Quality Management principles:

  • plan
  • do
  • check
  • act

in order to understand and satisfy the present and future customers’ needs.

COGES’ commitment to quality is a constant achievement of improved, measurable performance, which is verified by the evidence of results with customers.

These objectives can only be achieved by an organisation that is customer-oriented and consists of people whose involvement is motivated by leaders who take a systemic approach and take decisions based on facts.

The Quality System Management is for Coges a strong contribution in a continuously evolving, highly competitive market that typifies Vending.

The customer is the last arbiter of the product/service quality we offer!

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Since 2021 COGES has obtained the certification of its safety system according to ISO 45001 “Management systems for health and safety at work – Requirements and guide for use” which replaces and improves the previous OHSAS 18001. The management system for health and safety in the work place is integrated with the quality system in order to optimise its performances. The Safety Management’s targets are:

  • to prevent the injuries or accidents and reduce the costs
  • to control and improve the company’s safety performances
  • to assure the law appliance
  • to guarantee the safety of the person employed in the company and of anyone who takes part to its activities.

Health and Safety should be managed by specific improvement systems both in everyday operations and activities.
We are convinced that excellence and sustainability – which in this case are considered as skills to coniugate business and expectations of the interested parties – are the base of competitiveness and the capacity of managing variables strongly related to each other (as quality and safety are!)

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Since 2007 COGES has obtained the certification of its environment system according to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard. This system is integrated with the already existing ones related to quality and safety.
The objective of the environment management system is to identify the main environmental aspects, to keep them under control and to co-ordinate all the activities in order to reduce the impacts on environment.
In this way the environmental problems become integrated with the company management: some improvements are defined and their achievement is kept under control both by the internal system and the certification company.

Coges has always developed high-technology, safe and simple to be used products which respect the environment.
The sensitivity for this topic has gradually improved and our engagement is to include this topic in the process of ongoing improvement of our company, with particular care for the environment we live in.

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