The Azkoyen Group acquires Vendon, a specialist in the IoT solutions
07 Dec

The Azkoyen Group, a multinational Spanish company which supplies products and automated services, has recently completed the acquisition of  100% of the Latvian Vendon company, part of the Draugiem group, leader in the connectivity and IoT solutions for digital payments and telemetry in central Europe.

The company, founded in 2011 and with its headquarters in Riga, has among its most important markets France, Germany, Benelux and United Kingdom and can boast more than 45.000 vending machines connected. During these 11 years, the company has passed from an operator role at European level, to a qualified global actor with machines connected in more than 82 countries. Vendon’s potential lies in its high level of competence and research and development, this is the reason why the management and the employees of the company are now part of Azkoyen Group.

The acquisition of Vendon permits to reinforce the Payment Technologies division of the Azkoyen Group and in particular Coges and Cashlogy brands, thanks to the development of new payment systems integrated with hardware and intelligence solutions on the Cloud.

Juan José Suárez, President of the Azkoyen Group, commented the acquisition and declared: “We are very glad of the Vendon acquisition, not only because it’s a great company with and extraordinary  competence, talent and a wide experience in research and development, but also because many synergies generated will have an important impact on our growth plans and our revenues in the payment, connectivity and  IoT segments, so important for our development. The innovations and solutions that Vendon brings to the Group will become an advantage for our Customers a well, improving their profitability in a short, average and long term”.

Daniele Ioriatti, Coges Sales Manager, added: “In the last years Coges strategy has been decisively oriented to the development of payment solutions integrated with the Cloud, without ignoring the traditional cashless  and cash systems. The integration with Vendon in the Azkoyen Group will contribute to reinforce our growth in this direction and we will be proud to cooperate to this decisive synergy.

The new services will help also Coges Customers to optimize their business in vending, reducing the maintenance visits with the help of online intervention and improving the performances of the vending machines thanks to the analysis of the sales in real time, to the check of the stock to the use of innovative contactless and mobile payment systems and the improvement of the customer experience.

Following many strategic meetings occurred in these last months both in Italy, in Spain in Latvia, this week a commercial and marketing team of Vendon will visit Coges to become familiar with the payment system of the company near Vicenza.  The mutual knowledge between the companies will strengthen with a successive visit of Coges commercial team and Customer service by the headquarters of Vendon at Riga, which will be held within the half of December.

This acquisition is a further step in the growth strategy of Azkoyen Group, which already showed a strong commitment to develop and expand its segments of payment systems, connectivity and  IoT, that is the segments with higher growth and potential for the Group.

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Coges S.p.A. changes house and moves to a new location
18 Nov

The Vicenza-based company Coges S.p.A. announces the imminent transfer of its headquarters from Schio to the nearby city of Caldogno. The transfer stems from the need for a more suitable location for the current corporate structure and the desire to get closer to the main Italian traffic arteries.

Moving away from what has been our headquarters for the last twenty years of our history was an important decision.” observes Alberto Conte, Site Manager of Coges “Just like technology, business needs change and evolve over time to always offer the best service to customers. What remains constant is the identity of Coges, which with its experience and innovative spirit remains an undisputed leader in the design of payment systems for vending and continues to grow even with new software and connectivity solutions.

The transfer to the new headquarters will be completed within the next few weeks and will be promptly communicated to customers and suppliers for all logistical needs. Coges specifies that all other references relating to the company registry will remain unchanged (VAT number, tax code, website, e-mail addresses and PEC).

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Discover Nebular ecosystem on the new page
15 Nov

BE LOVED by all your customers: there are no boundaries for Nebular solution for vending; it adapts to the features of the single markets and of specific locations and it evolves according to the needs of your customers.

From now on the webpage is available in five languages to present the value proposal of Nebular service in a higher number of Countries, thanks to our thick network of dealers over the European territory.

Visit in your language to know how you can maximize the turnover of your Company, reduce downtimes and technical costs and achieve operational excellence to become great in the Vending world!

Would you like to know more about Nebular platform? Discover the different hardware and software applications of the service on our YouTube channel!

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Come and see us at Vendex North Exhibition and discover how to maximize your turnover by accepting all the payment methods
10 Nov

Accept on your vending machine the whole range of payment options, from the cash to the contactless credit cards and the apps for mobile payment. Integrate also some third party payment solutions including some great players such as Apple Pay and some localized solutions for the different national markets. You are invited at Leeds to know Coges, an European leader in the design of payment systems and connectivity for the vending sector. Today you’ll find us at the  Vendex North Exhibition, an international exhibition specialized in the vending sector which takes place at The Centenary Pavilion, Leeds. You’ll be able to see our products and know our sale staff at the Coffetek stand: 109, 110 and 111, from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. You will never give up on a sale for a lack of choice!

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Failed vend? Submit a refund in one click!
26 Sep

Sometimes even in the best locations something can go wrong! To offer the cash refund for a failed vend can imply a loss of time for the filler and some accounting annoyances for the Operator. Nebular solves the problem with a remote refund directly on the MyKey; any refund can be performed in the comfort of your office! Nebular service allows you to have under control all the transactions carried out on the connected payment systems, Change-giver coin mechanisms and bill validators included. You can update firmware and database, perform a remote programming of the operation functions and much more.

Would you like to know more? Watch the video on our YouTube channel!

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Top up MyKey with credit card… even without a card reader
12 Sep

The coffee break is a pleasure, but sometimes we risk having to skip it because we left our wallet in the office or we have no coins in our pocket. Make sure that your most loyal customers don’t have to miss their relaxing break thanks to the new function of online credit on MyKey! Nebular allows you to move the credit present in the key to the Cloud, thus permitting the users to top  up their key with credit card also by smartphone, by their PC at the office or at home! MyKey remains the most suitable tool to purchase from a vending machine; thanks to Nebular it becomes even more flexible with new recharge options and without the need for a physical card reader.

Would you like to know more? Watch the video on our YouTube channel!

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Take the credit to the Cloud with Palladium Touch
25 Aug

Coges MyKey is an ingredient of the coffee break for about an Italian out of 5. These users are ready for new loyalty functions like registration on the portal, online recharge, bonus and much more. Conquer your users with the innovative Palladium Touch System: offer new options of payment and cashless recharge; exploit the power of Nebular for simultaneous bidirectional interaction between Cloud and system and use the wide display to give sales information and a user interface. Thanks to the native connection between Palladium Touch and Nebular, the credit is not on the key, but it is stored on the Cloud, guaranteeing a higher anti-fraud safety also in the most problematic locations. Furthermore Palladium Touch permits to recharge MyKey and MIFARE supports with credit card, without the need for a card reader!

Would you like to know more? Watch the video on our YouTube channel!

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Whatever your need in the world of Vending, Coges is ready!
23 May

Discover all the advantages of Nebular integrated platform and the complete range of Coges products connected on the new page

From the virtual wallet of MyKey to the contactless Card reader Nebular Pay, from Coges Engine System to the smart change-giver up to the new Palladium Touch System with integrated modem, Coges does not propose a unique hardware or software product, but a complete scalable solution designed with you to satisfy the needs of Customers and make your company grow.

Make all your Clients love you: Share with your Customers some loyalty programs, data analysis and unique functions, independently from the payment method. They will reward you with more purchases and positive feedback.

Maximize the takings by accepting all methods of payment: accept the whole range of payment options, from cash to MyKey, credit cards and app for mobile payment. Integrate the payment solutions of third parties which are more widespread among your clients. You will never give up on a sale for missing choices!

Reach the operative excellence: improve your business intelligence with some data audits, reports on sales and transactions on cashless media in real time.  Optimize the product stock of your vending machine and reduce the time for filling.

Reduce the inefficiencies and the technical costs: receive warnings when your vending machine is inactive, reduce the inspection visits and avoid the missing sales. Plan remote updates of prices, configuration parameters, firmware and database.

Now you can access the control dashboard of your systems connected to Nebular by clicking on the LOGIN button or by using the new connection links: for Nebular 2.0 portal; for the previous Nebular portal up to your account transfer on Nebular 2.0

Get in touch with us for additional information!

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Coges focuses on precision and efficiency with the new Sofis coin mechanism
04 May

Coges will present at Venditalia the release on the market of the new SOFIS change-giver coin mechanism for vending machines, a precise and functional MDB payment system, able to guarantee the high performance necessary to meet all the needs of the vending operator. The Sofis coin mechanism will join the Hexis and Unica coin mechanisms in the range of Coges cash payment systems.

“Sofis distinguishes itself from other Coges coin mechanisms because it combines maximum precision in coin recognition with extreme simplicity of operation.” Underlines Daniele Ioriatti, the new Sales Manager of the Vicenza-based company. “If Hexis and Unica are very smart change-givers, with the possibility of paying with smartphones and above all connecting to the Cloud with the Nebular platform, Sofis is characterized as an essential MDB coin mechanism: flexible in configuration, easy to manage and extremely precise, sharing the new module for coin recognition developed for Hexis, ideal for those looking for a secure and uncomplicated cash payment system.

Sofis has considerable elements of discontinuity even with Aeterna, the other “unconnected” coin mechanism from Coges: first of all, Sofis will only be available in the MDB version; in addition, the absence of a display and keypad in the new coin mechanism is compensated for by the immediate programming with E.C.S. Programmer. The most important difference, however, lies precisely in the recognition unit: thanks to a revolutionary multifrequency reading technology, the new module is able to collect a greater amount of information on the characteristics of the metal alloy. This technology, combined with the analysis of over 200 mechanical, optical, acoustic and electromagnetic parameters, allows the Sofis change giver a better quality of coin identification which translates into a more advanced acquisition capacity, a greater number of recognized currencies and above all, in better discrimination of fakes and fraud.

Particular attention was paid to cleaning and maintenance operations, made easier by the modular structure of the coin mechanism. Finally, the Sofis tube group, like that of Hexis, also stands out for its length and for the possibility of being easily configured to meet the needs of the Operator in the various locations, accepting the most requested value combinations.

Surely Coges is focusing more and more on connected payment systems and is making the hardware-software ecosystem the central point of its value proposition.” Matteo Pegoraro, head of the R&D area observes “This does not mean that we intend to neglect the design of more traditional payment systems. We work closely with all the players in the vending market and we know that each location has particular needs, connected systems are a fundamental step forward but they are not the answer to everything. Coges’ goal has always been to draw on its vast experience to develop a complete, versatile and integrated range and offer our customers the most innovative solutions.

The Sofis change giver will be available for purchase at Coges and authorized dealers starting from next month. Come and discover it from 11 to 14 May at stand C43-D48 in Hall 3 at Venditalia!

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Coges unveils the new Nebular at Venditalia 2022
20 Apr

Coges will present at Venditalia 2022 the new release of the NEBULAR service, an integrated platform of hardware, software and Cloud services designed to provide each Operator with all the payment options and user loyalty he has always wanted. Building on its growing success throughout Europe, Nebular moves to a new, even more performing server infrastructure, which allows for improved security and efficiency and paves the way for new functions, such as the revolutionary credit management on the Cloud. Nebular thus becomes the vital center of the entire ecosystem of connected Coges products, a scalable architecture of intelligent devices that allows the Operator to choose for each location the hardware and software components that can bring him greater advantages and to modify them over time.

NEBULAR is changing the way of understanding the vending business, freeing the services that can be offered to the user from the hardware limits of the vending machine,” says Daniele Ioriatti, Sales Manager of Coges. “This is not a single product, but a complete solution that each Operator can adapt to their needs and those of the location. When we talk about Nebular we are talking about the NEBULAR PAY contactless credit card reader, which recreates the immediacy and speed of purchasing of the retail environment on the vending machine, the MYKEY key with QR code to enable online credit top-up, the new PALLADIUM TOUCH system with touchscreen display and key credit management on the Cloud, which we will present in absolute preview at Venditalia. These are systems that offer unprecedented functions in vending and that integrate natively with the hardware of COGES ENGINE and the UNICA and HEXIS coin mechanisms.

The Nebular platform is designed to accept the widest range of payment methods in vending and retail: cash, MyKey, MIFARE, credit cards, virtual wallets, mobile payment apps… The list is constantly growing with third party payment options such as ApplePay, Google Pay and Satispay. In this way, the Operator will be able to digitalize its relationship with all customers and involve them through loyalty programs, bonuses and exclusive functions such as online top-up and the user portal. Nebular also allows you to achieve operational excellence thanks to accurate data collection and sales reports, including real-time information on top-ups and credit balances on cashless media. Coges’ control over the entire platform and the life cycle of the individual parts reduces the need for maintenance and limits obsolescence, to meet the Operator’s needs today and in the future.

Among the new Nebular functions presented at Venditalia 2022, the spotlight will certainly fall on the possibility to transfer the storage of the key credit from MyKey to the Cloud. Credit on the Cloud offers the Operator total control over MyKeys and transactions, both in terms of security and credit management: MyKey lock in case of theft or loss, credit transfer from one MyKey to another and instant refund on the user’s MyKey. Furthermore, the transfer to Nebular enables the credit recharge on MyKey via credit card directly from the portal via computer, smartphone or via the new Palladium Touch system.

The range of Coges payment systems is completed with new products that will be presented at Venditalia, starting with the new change-giver coin mechanism for vending machines SOFIS, a precise and functional MDB peripheral, able to guarantee the high performance necessary to meet all the needs of the Vending manager. The appointment at Fieramilanocity will also be an opportunity to review some of the payment systems unveiled over the last two years and already on the market, such as the Hexis change giver, the new MyKey and the small DYNAMOS cashless system.

From the cashless key to smart payment systems connected to the Cloud, for 45 years Coges has been using its experience to transform vending machines into smart systems, continuing to innovate to bring an increasing number of satisfied consumers into vending. From 11 to 14 May we will be at stand C43-D48 in Hall 3 in Venditalia, happy to come back to meet you in person and to present the future of the evolution of vending.

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