Nebular, the complete payment system for your vending machine
13 Feb

Nebular is a complete hardware, software and cloud ecosystem designed to remotely control and manage your vending machine. Nebular allows the Vending Manager to connect their online payment systems and view real-time accounting data such as: number and value of sales, type of products sold, payment methods, sales trends and much more. Nebular can also update vending machine software and parameters, display errors and inactive machines, and send refunds to MyKey means of payment. Furthermore, it allows you to use Coges or third-party products that require a connected payment system.

Find out more by watching the new presentation video!

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New Coges product catalogue
13 Jan

The range of Coges products is more and more evolved and connected! Discover all the advantages of the ecosystem of Coges payment systems in the new digital interactive catalog. You’ll find all the information you need about the functionalities of the connected cashless systems: from Coges Engine and Palladium Touch to the Unica and Hexis change-giver coin mechanisms, about the Nebular Pay credit card reader , about MyKey and its webcase and all the other peripherals.

The Nebular scalable architecture permits to satisfy any type of user, choosing the hardware and software components which can give you more advantages and changing it over time.  Thanks to the integration between hardware and software, we can offer you – in a simple and immediate way – the most advanced functions from remote as well: detail on the balance of each key/fob, system programming, cashless refunds and much more. Furthermore our Nebular service can count on a unique advantage: over 10 millions of users who possess a Coges key.

Download the new Coges solutions catalog!

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Discover the new interactive catalog of Nebular
20 Dec

Nebular is a complete ecosystem of hardware, software and cloud to remotely control and manage your vending machine. Discover the advantages it can bring to your Vending Operation by browsing the new interactive catalogue, available on the Coges website in digital version to be within your reach everywhere!

Click here to download the digital flyer!

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Discover Nebular ecosystem on the new page
15 Nov

BE LOVED by all your customers: there are no boundaries for Nebular solution for vending; it adapts to the features of the single markets and of specific locations and it evolves according to the needs of your customers.

From now on the webpage is available in five languages to present the value proposal of Nebular service in a higher number of Countries, thanks to our thick network of dealers over the European territory.

Visit in your language to know how you can maximize the turnover of your Company, reduce downtimes and technical costs and achieve operational excellence to become great in the Vending world!

Would you like to know more about Nebular platform? Discover the different hardware and software applications of the service on our YouTube channel!

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Failed vend? Submit a refund in one click!
26 Sep

Sometimes even in the best locations something can go wrong! To offer the cash refund for a failed vend can imply a loss of time for the filler and some accounting annoyances for the Operator. Nebular solves the problem with a remote refund directly on the MyKey; any refund can be performed in the comfort of your office! Nebular service allows you to have under control all the transactions carried out on the connected payment systems, Change-giver coin mechanisms and bill validators included. You can update firmware and database, perform a remote programming of the operation functions and much more.

Would you like to know more? Watch the video on our YouTube channel!

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Whatever your need in the world of Vending, Coges is ready!
23 May

Discover all the advantages of Nebular integrated platform and the complete range of Coges products connected on the new page

From the virtual wallet of MyKey to the contactless Card reader Nebular Pay, from Coges Engine System to the smart change-giver up to the new Palladium Touch System with integrated modem, Coges does not propose a unique hardware or software product, but a complete scalable solution designed with you to satisfy the needs of Customers and make your company grow.

Make all your Clients love you: Share with your Customers some loyalty programs, data analysis and unique functions, independently from the payment method. They will reward you with more purchases and positive feedback.

Maximize the takings by accepting all methods of payment: accept the whole range of payment options, from cash to MyKey, credit cards and app for mobile payment. Integrate the payment solutions of third parties which are more widespread among your clients. You will never give up on a sale for missing choices!

Reach the operative excellence: improve your business intelligence with some data audits, reports on sales and transactions on cashless media in real time.  Optimize the product stock of your vending machine and reduce the time for filling.

Reduce the inefficiencies and the technical costs: receive warnings when your vending machine is inactive, reduce the inspection visits and avoid the missing sales. Plan remote updates of prices, configuration parameters, firmware and database.

Now you can access the control dashboard of your systems connected to Nebular by clicking on the LOGIN button or by using the new connection links: for Nebular 2.0 portal; for the previous Nebular portal up to your account transfer on Nebular 2.0

Get in touch with us for additional information!

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Pay at the vending machine with Satispay and Coges systems
28 Mar

The Italian company Coges, leader in the design of payment and connectivity systems for vending, is proud to communicate to customers the implementation of a new function on its payment systems to enable payment of purchases at the vending machine directly via the Satispay app. This function is made possible by an agreement between Coges and the company Satispay, owner of the homonymous mobile payment platform.

Satispay is an enormously popular app in Italy and rapidly growing abroad, both in the retail world and for exchanging money between individuals or for payments on e-commerce sites.” Underlines Daniele Ioriatti, Sales Manager of Coges “The implementation of this new payment option was highly anticipated in the vending market and we are proud to be able to allow our Nebular customers to activate it on their devices for free. Payment with Satispay can help the Operator reach an audience of passing-by users or it can offer a more attractive alternative for the public who is already familiar with Satispay mobile payments. We are talking about an app with over 2.5 million users and over 180,000 connected points of sale, a very large audience.

The new function, already available on the Coges Engine systems and on the Unica and Hexis coin mechanisms connected to the Nebular platform, makes it possible to transform the vending machine into a Satispay point of sale. The payment procedure is quick and intuitive: the end user only has to frame the QR code on the vending machine, select the amount of the product they want to purchase and confirm the payment, all via the Satispay app. The amount will be automatically deducted from the availability on Satispay account.

Satispay is an innovative mobile payment platform born from the idea of ​​an all-Italian fintech. Thanks to its mode of operation, completely independent from credit or debit cards, Satispay allows users to pay in the store or on e-commerce sites and exchange money with friends, as well as a series of other services such as telephone top-ups, the payment of bulletins,  donations and savings. Founded in 2013, today Satispay is the leading app in the mobile payments segment in retail, and with a market share of 70% within the non-NFC payments segment, Satispay can be considered the most popular and loved digital payment method via smartphone in Italy. The company now has over 200 employees, with headquarters in Milan and offices in Luxembourg and Berlin, markets that are soon to expand.

The integration of Satispay perfectly expresses the spirit of our Nebular platform.” Observes Stefano Bertoldo, Product Manager of Coges “Nebular is a platform open to third-party applications, its goal is to offer the world of Vending the same technologies that we already use in our daily shopping experience, inside or outside of Vending. We want to integrate all the services that adapt to the needs of locations and end users into our payment systems, in a modular solution where the Operator only has to choose the required services, not embark on complex hardware and software integrations from different manufacturers.

Nebular is the first open platform of the Internet of Vending, a complete ecosystem of hardware, software and Cloud. Thanks to the integration between the various components, Nebular brings the most advanced functions for payment to vending machines remotely: detail on the balance of each cashless key / fob, remote programming of the system, online top-up, cashless refunds, firmware updates, credit card payment and much more. The scalable architecture of Nebular allows the Operator to choose the hardware and software components that can bring him the most advantages and to modify them over time.

The world of vending is constantly evolving and individual locations always have different needs from each other. Thanks to the integration between Coges payment systems and the Satispay app, you will be able to meet the needs of your customers even more efficiently and grow your vending operation.

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7 features that make Creos a better bill validator than Lithos (and many others)
25 Jan

The numbers speak for themselves: the Creos banknote reader is increasingly appreciated in the world of vending, managing both to stand out from previous Coges models and to get noticed alongside more well-known products on the market of automatic distribution.

Creos represents a great step forward for Coges in the design of banknote readers.” observes Daniele Ioriatti, new sales manager of Coges “This is demonstrated not only by the sales figures, which have always been the most sincere test of customer appreciation, but also by other objective information measured by Coges such as the percentage of failures and returns for repairs under warranty, which in the case of Creos are currently 75% lower than what was found for Lithos at the end of its life cycle.

Born as an evolution of the Lithos model, the Creos validator has presented elements of considerable discontinuity with its predecessor right from the design phase; as is natural, these were innovations aimed at increasing the quality, reliability and performance of the product and responding to opportunities for improvement found in Lithos. These differences are further improved thanks to the technical changes made in the first two years of Creos’ life: these progressive updates, both mechanical and firmware, have taken advantage of the post marketing experience and valuable customer feedback, allowing to further improve the performance of the banknote reader.

Stefano Bertoldo, Product Manager of the Italian company, says: “Also due to the very similar aesthetics, some customers at first struggled to recognize all the changes made in the transition from Lithos to Creos and asked us what were the differences between the two products, apart from the color of the banknote opening. In short: everything. We have handled all the most important components of the bill validator.

So let’s find out what are some of the aspects that most distinguish the new Creos banknote reader from the old Lithos:

  1. More reliable banknote acceptance, thanks to the new polycarbonate bezel with rounded inlet;
  2. Improved banknote dragging system through new motor assembly techniques and hardware differences in the belts, to allow high usability of the reader even in conditions of high and persistent stress;
  3. Enhanced antifishing thanks to a more precise and flexible calibration system for different operating conditions, including environmental conditions with the possibility of accumulation of dust and dirt;
  4. Greater efficiency of the optics of the banknote reading counter, with a more precise and tolerant system towards a wider range of work situations;
  5. Improved smoothness of the drive for a reduction in the effort of the motor and a more effective grip of the banknote, obtained following numerous modifications to the mechanical components of the reader;
  6. Optimization of general performance thanks to the increase in the torque of the motors;
  7. Greater safety thanks to the cash register presence sensor that integrates the protection offered by the liquid drainage system and antifishing.

To these mechanical and hardware differences must be added the firmware and database updates, which periodically affect the product and are free for all Coges customers.

If it is true that there is never a limit to the possibilities of improvement, Creos is also the demonstration of the constant commitment of Coges in wanting to listen to the signals coming from its customers and in investing in a continuous improvement of the quality of its range of payment systems, to meet the needs of the vending market in an increasingly satisfactory manner.

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Coges cashless systems meet the EVA-EPS requirements
07 Jul

Coges desires to inform its Customers that all versions of E.C.S. Dynamos and Coges Engine cashless payment systems – Coges Engine system together with Nebular Pay Credit card reader for vending machines included – obtained the EVA-EPS (Electronic Payment Specifications) compliance code. The latter, which is released by EVA Committee dedicated to Electronic Payment, confirms the compliance with the EVA standards of Coges payment systems.

The design of Coges systems has always been focused on the international standards and the compatibility with the design criteria of the vending machines, both from mechanics point of view as well as the communication protocols.”- states Matteo Pegoraro, Coges R&D Manager – “In this way the need for intervention of technical integration is reduced on both sides and the Operator can exploit his investment in Vending as much as possible.

The EVA-EPS standard, whose second release was issued in 2020, defines the minimum requirements which shall be met by the vending machines and the electronic payment systems to guarantee the mutual compatibility. The standard includes both hardware, software and communication specifications, giving some indications also for a purchasing process by the end-user that is friendly and  consistent with the consumers’ experience with other payment methods.

Coges has been an active member of Cashless EVA Committee for Electronic Payment for over 15 years and has taken part to this standard definition together with other suppliers of payment systems and vending machines.” – highlights Stefano Bertoldo, Coges Product Manager – “The respect of these criteria guarantees to the European Operator a high quality  purchase, an easy update of the payment systems from the technological evolution perspective and at the same time a cost reduction in integration.

Coges cashless payment systems involved in EVA compliance are: E.C.S. Dynamos System both for MyKey and MIFARE key/card and Coges Engine System for Base and Plus versions, with Key, MIFARE and LEGIC® key/cards and last, but not least, Coges Engine Plus System equipped with PMT Nebular Pay Credit card reader. For additional information on these products you can contact our reseller network throughout Europe.

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Watch the new video of HEXIS change-giver coin mechanism
31 May

Discover the accuracy of the Hexis change-giver coin mechanism in the new presentation video on our YouTube channel!

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