Coges is present at Vendex Midlands 2019 with Joyco.
09 Apr

Coges is present at Vendex Midlands 2019 with Joyco, the most innovative way to create a connection with your vending machine. Joyco allows you to select, customize and pay the drink you want directly from your smartphone. Once you have selected the drink you can become a real bartender by changing the quantity of ingredients and by saving your new recipe. We are waiting for you with Coffetek at Stand no. 29. With Joyco Coges reconfirms its commitment to present increasingly innovative and smart products for the vending market.

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Coges celebrates Coges Engine with an extended warranty
21 Mar

To allow more and more customers to appreciate the reliability and versatility of the Coges Engine system, Coges has decided to extend to 3 years the warranty period offered for all versions of this system purchased in 2019. Take advantage to increase the potential of your fleet with this system that is already at the heart of over 100,000 vending machines!

Furthermore, we point out the release of the new Key3 reader which, thanks to a small technical update, has further increased its potential while maintaining full compatibility with the previous version.

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Vending Paris 2019: absolute vending experience
12 Mar

Coges will attend the appointment of Vending Paris 2019 with some important news for the French market. The core of the event will be once again Coges Engine, the electronic system that thanks to its modular structure is able to meet all the needs of the vending operation, from the control of accounting data to the sale with any type of cashless support. Coges Engine continues to enrich itself with new functions: at the Paris event we will present the Nebular solution, the new service for remote connectivity of the vending machine.

The world of Vending is always smarter, more technological and connected: make a quantum leap with Coges Engine and other Coges products! We are waiting for you at stand B40 in Vending Paris.

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Coges presents the Caesium MDB
11 Mar
Coges presents the Caesium MDB, the new coin validator working according to the MDB protocol, suitable for vending machines of any size. The MDB version, unlike the basic version, is equipped with a USB port for programming the tokens, programming the databases and updating the firmware.
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Coges presents the new website
23 Nov

Experience and innovation, these are the keywords that Coges has been using for years this corporate values ​​as a stimulus in the design and implementation of each product, in the organization of technical support and in the approach to the market.
Thanks to the experience and the desire to innovate, Coges changes its look for its website, focusing on ease of use, the implementation of new functions and the aesthetic improvement of the pages.

To facilitate browsing the pages the product categorization and the commercial network section have been perfected.
Another improvement is the possibility to change the language (5 available: Italian, Spanish, English, French and German) within each page.

The product categorization has been ameliorated with a simpler menu and with the enrichment of information for each single item, for example the pages of Unica and of Coges Engine, now are more complete.
In addition, the software section has been added to the product category where you can find Pay4vend and Nebular presentations.

The technical area will be in a separate site, also reachable from the home through the “technical area” section, to differentiate the two areas and to ensure the appropriate support according to the user’s needs.
Thanks to new web technologies, it is now much easier to get in touch with the Coges world: Either through contact forms on the page or indirectly through a detailed presentation of the articles produced.

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Discover Joyco at Vendex North 2018
13 Nov

Today, Tuesday 13th November, Coges presents Joyco at Vendex North in Manchester, UK.
The app Joyco allows you to customize the drink and pay it at the vending machine directly through a mobile device, ensuring the security of online payment through Apple Pay, Paypal or credit card.
This app can be used to select the drink directly on a smartphone, choosing the quantity of ingredients, saving the favourite recipe.
Joyco provides the consumer with a significant improvement in comfort and user experience, eliminating the mandatory use of cash on all machines with Coges Engine or Unica and allowing the complete personalization of Azkoyen and Coffetek Hot Drink machine drinks.
Joyco is an innovative technological solution that facilitates a direct communication channel between the operator and the client.
Furthermore, the operator will have the possibility to collect data and consumption statistics that could be analyzed.
This app can also be used in environments without Internet signal through Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the vending machine.
Discover Joyco at Vendex North, we will wait for you!

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Coges is waiting for you at the Evex appointment in Seville
22 Oct

The annual appointment with EVEX (European Vending Experience) will be held on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th November in Seville in collaboration with the Spanish automatic distribution company Aneda.

During the event, companies will have the opportunity to increase networking, to show their products to authorities, to the media and to the public and be present at the traditional EVA conference.

Coges will be present at EVEX 2018 with an exhibition space.

This year the main character of Coges will be Nebular, the next-generation solution created to offer electronic payment and vending machine connectivity in a single product.

This platform, thanks to the new 2G or 4G integrated modules, allows the transmission of data from a Coges payment system to certified servers and then access to your ERP.

Another innovation presented will be the bill validator Creos, heir of Lithos, created to make the acceptance and the usability of the reader even more reliable and efficient, even in conditions of high and persistent stress. Creos is compatible both mechanically and for software with the previous version.

Coges will also present the new version of Pay4vend with a more intuitive graphical interface to facilitate end users and other functions to increase its performance.

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Coges presents Creos, the new bill validator
07 Oct

Coges presents Creos, the most innovative bill validator in the Vending sector, which will be available for purchase from early October.

Creos is the heir of Lithos. It was born to make the bill acceptance and the usability of the validator more reliable and efficient even in conditions of high and persistent stress. All this was achieved by means of a new polycarbonate bezel and an improved driving system compared to the models already present on the market.

Thanks to the 9 high precision optical signals installed in Creos, the machine can carry out the bill recognition, verify its alignment and read the entire surface accurately. In addition, the security of the bill validator is guaranteed by an optical anti-fishing system to prevent the inserted bill from being fished again, by a cash presence sensor and by a draining system protecting against liquids.

Another key strength of Creos is its flexibility of use and possibility of updating: the validator can be programmed with a simple pendrive, thanks to the side door, and is supplied complete with several bill databases, given by Coges free of charge.

All these features make Creos an ideal tool for the bill recognition, together with its capacity and its memory (it can hold up to 600 bills and store 100 models).

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Coges connect the world of vending in Venditalia 2018
03 May

In the spotlight at Venditalia Coges will present the latest release of Pay4Vend, the innovative application to buy from the vending machine with the smartphone. At Venditalia you will be able to discover the new version of the app, equipped with a user interface designed to make it even faster and easier to use, as well as to include various functions to increase performance and user satisfaction.

Another big news at the Milan event will be the Creos banknote reader, an evolution of the previous Lithos model. Creos has been redesigned in some key components to bring reliability and security to even higher levels, while maintaining mechanical and software compatibility with the previous version.

Nebular, a next generation solution to offer electronic payment and vending machine connectivity in a single product, will also debut at the Coges stand at Venditalia 2018.

The world of vending is increasingly advanced, smart and complex: connect with all the news at stand C43-D48, Hall 3!

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Coges launches Pay4Vend 4.0
19 Apr

Pay4Vend, the revolutionary application of Coges for payment via smartphone to the vending machine, is ready to change face: the version 4.0 of the app provides a different interface that makes it even faster and easier to use. It includes new functions to improve performance and user satisfaction.

To learn more we invite you to discover Pay4Vend visiting the website or writing to for further information.

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