Engine Connect system
Engine Connect is the most complete cashless payment system ready to give you maximum control over your vending machine.


Thanks to the integrated connectivity modules, the Engine Connect system can connect to Nebular and to peripherals that require a remote connection such as credit card readers, without the need for routers or additional optional modules.

To increase the value and efficiency of your vending machine, the Engine Connect system combines the most advanced functions of the cashless payment system with cash management and connectivity.

  • Multi-standard payment system: Executive, MDB, RS232;
  • Available in Key, MIFARE and LEGIC version;
  • Available in 4G or 4G + LAN version for connection to credit card readers;
  • Compatible with Pay4Vend for payment with smartphone (via optional BT module);
  • All the main features of Coges Engine Plus: deposit management, LOCK ID, 200 price lines, 10 price tables, 4 key tables, complete top-up bonuses and free sale, blacklist, eco-recycling and meal voucher management.
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What type of cashless do you have?

Depending on the reader, Coges cashless systems support MyKey, MIFARE Classic and DESFire (supports and stickers), LEGIC supports and the Pay4Vend app. Choose the readers that best suit your needs and increase the value of your vending machine.

Get the most out of Engine

Set the prices in Price Holding mode and connect Engine Connect as a master system in your vending machine: in this way you will be able to differentiate prices between cashless and cash and detect all accounting data from Engine, including differentiated sales between cash and cashless, the number of coins in the tubes, the amount of cash in the till and much more.

Ready for Nebular

Get the best out of your distributor by exploiting all the potential of the Cloud thanks to the native integration between Engine Connect and Nebular, our solution for offering electronic payments and connectivity in a single product.
Nebular brings Engine Connect data directly to your ERP, on the web or on your phone, in real time and effortlessly.

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Chiave MyKey
The use of offline cashless payment systems allows setting tiered prices in vending machines, anticipating sales incomes and reducing cash management costs while providing accurate accounting data. It is enough to insert the cashless key in a Reader and charge it by inserting some cash. From that moment on the cashless key will replace the use of cash in all the vending machines managed by the same Operator and will be used for purchasing products or any desired service: at each purchase the cost of the product will be decreased from the credit charged, till it is used up. The cashless Mykey can be recharged at any moment and in any vending machine equipped with a device for cash validation, or using a special terminal. This operation can be always carried out in autonomous way by the User.
The Nebular Pay Credit card Reader is the ideal device to take the electronic payment with contactless debit and credit card - physical or virtual - to vending as well with the same simplicity of a key and card reader. Nebular Pay guarantees an immediate user understanding experience: to make the payment it is enough to near the credit card or the smartphone to the Reader, without entering a PIN or pressing any button; meanwhile the amounts and the messages are shown o the display of the vending machine. For the payment with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay virtual cards no application shall be downloaded. Furthermore thanks to its extremely reduced size, the Nebular Pay is easy to install on any vending machine without occupying the hole of the bill validator. Watch the video for more information! Nebular Pay is compatible with all the circuits of credit and debit credit card (Visa, Mastercard, VPay, Maestro...) and with the virtual credit cards present on the  smartphone (ex. Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay...), permitting thus a rapid transfer of the takings on the bank account of the Operator. The Nebular Pay requires the activation of Nebular connectivity service: in this way the connection is directly managed by Coges payment system and all Nebular services are enabled (remote refund, remote programming, remote change of prices and much more). Nebular Pay is available both for Coges Engine and for Unica coin mechanism, permitting thus the use of the credit card for the recharge of the MyKey key or of a MIFARE support.
Sistema cashless Coges Engine
Coges Engine is the most complete and innovative electronic vending system: the most advanced functions of the cashless payment system are integrated with cash management and telemetry into one powerful, complete and flexible system to adapt to any need.
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