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Compact, reliable and multi-functional: Caesium coin validator is designed to adapt perfectly to vending locations with small size vending machine. Caesium is able to memorize up to 32 different types of coins/tokens and, to make programming operations even easier, it allows to set all its parameters easily from a pc.

To ensure an efficient coin recognition, Caesium is equipped with a sensor capable of detecting phisical, alloy, dimensional or sound coins characteristics. Vending machine safety is guaranteed by a reliable anti-fishing system. Our coins validator can also work according to the MDB protocol thanks to the Caesium MDB version, equipped with an efficient USB port for programming tokens, database and updating the firmware. To protect location earnings, Caesium is one of the most efficient device on the market for fakes discrimination and it allows, in case of need, an easy replacement of the sensor and exit modules.

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The Coin Validator can be installed in the vending machine in two different modes:

  • with frontal plate directly on the vending machine;
  • inside the coin mechanism with a special 5-inches adapter.

Two types of frontal plates, which are supplied as accessories:

  • MINI version (smaller);
  • MIDI version (bigger and compatible with the previous €UR3 version).

Technical data

Dimensions (LxWxH):
mm 89 x 49 x 103
Max. acceptance rate:
3 coins/s
Number of programmable coins:
Coin diameter:
from 16 to 28 mm
Coin thickness:
from 1 to 3.2 mm
by PC, portable programmer or switch block

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Sistema cashless Coges Engine
Coges Engine is the most complete and innovative electronic vending system: the most advanced functions of the cashless payment system are integrated with cash management and telemetry into one powerful, complete and flexible system to adapt to any need.
Reading reliability and precision in fakes discrimination are the strenghts of Creos, our banknote reader for vending designed to ensure excellent usability even in high stress situations, such as locations with an high frequency of pubblic or tobacco vending machines. Creos payment system is efficient in banknote recognition thanks to nine optical reading signals. The polycarbonate bezel and the optimized dragging system offer a precise banknote alignment and a quick and intuitive use for final users. Operating parameters and banknote database programming of Creos take place through a simple USB pendrive thanks to an integrated port: in this way upgrades can be made directly from the location and this makes them even faster to do and autonomous from external peripherals. To obtain a quick adjustment of the tollerance level there is also a programming button on the reader’s body. Creos also supports the creation of a customize database, while Coges experience offers to all the customers a free access to the entire essential software for programming and updating the reader, including banknote database. Creos’ safety devices, such as the cash-box sensor, the draining system for protection against liquids and the optical anti-fishing system help the reader to ensure the safety of vending machines’ cash collections. To get the best from the combined use of cash and cashless payment systems for vending, Creos can be connected to Coges Engine to obtain a complete account data collection and to program bonus able to encourage users to top up their cashless media with banknote.
Unica is a high-precision 6-tube change-giver coin mechanism designed to increase revenue in the management of the vending machine thanks to the integrated cashless system, a careful data control unit and a new coin recognition system.
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