The key to accounting data transmission

BTDataKey records the accounting data from a payment system and send it to a smartphone or PDA via Bluetooth

The data collection is done by inserting the key into a standard Coges reader or directly from a cashless system or coin mech equipped with an infrared port for data collection.
BTDataKey is accompanied by an app for smartphones which receives the accounting data and transmits it to a management software or a database.

For an overview of BTDataKey functionalities watch the presentation video.

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The Data-Key is a contactless electronic key, provided with an internal clock, that is able to read all the data stored by the E.C.S. Systems and by the Change-Giver Coin Mechanisms: using suitable software and a K4U Analyzer Key Analyser, the data recordings can be displayed and managed by a PC. To perform the data readings just insert the special key in the proper Key Reader and the data stored in the payment system will be memorised immediately. The Data-Key is available in two versions: the 8 KB one permits 65* recordings and the 64 KB one permits 432* recordings. * maximum reachable recordings. They can vary according to the model of payment system. Las llaves Program-Key, SoftKey, Data-Key y RT 256 KB también están disponibles en versión USB. Las llaves de servicio USB se pueden introducir en un puerto USB del Ordenador Personal, sin necesidad de ningún terminal adicional para la lectura y la escritura.
The IR Data-Key permits the data recording by using any palmtop terminal equipped with IR port and a special communication software, according to the EVA-DTS protocol. The operation can be carried out in all Coges contactless systems present on the market, the old generation ones included. When the Key is inserted in the reader, it downloads the data from the System and transmits them via IR to any palmtop terminal.
The K4U Analyzer Terminal is a tool which permits, by using a Personal Computer or autonomously (Stand Alone), to program, configure and display the data stored in the cashless media for Coges payment systems. It can also be used to manage service keys (Data-Key, Program-Key, Softkey and RT 256 KB keys) for managing the operations of Coges cashless payment systems. In the PC connect mode the K4U Analyzer Terminal can read the data contained in the keys, encode the blank keys and copy the data from an already encoded key (master key) to a blank one. In the Stand Alone mode, the Terminal is used to configure the keys by programming inside them all the necessary data (dates, times, credit, points, etc.) The programming operations in this case occur by means of the device keyboard with simple and intuitive operations. The K4U Analyzer Terminal is supplied complete with a CD-Rom containing all the necessary software to use it at its best.
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