Coges increases its commercial strength in the DACH area to be even closer to its customers

The Italian company Coges enthusiastically announces the expansion of its commercial service in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, thanks to the inclusion of a new Country Manager dedicated exclusively to these countries in its staff.

The role will be filled by Mr. Günter Maas, a well-known person in the vending world for both, the great experience accumulated, whilst working for some of the most important brands in the industry and on the other hand, for his historic role as Board Member in the European Vending & Coffee Association (EVA) for 4 years and as a Board Member at the German Vending association (BDV e.V.) with more than 12 years of participation. For the future he will be taking a proactive role again in the committee for payment and telemetry at the BDV e.V. in the first place and more to come in the second.

Coges is very proud to welcome Günter into its commercial team.” Daniele Ioriatti, Sales Manager of the Italian company, confirms: “In the European market, traditional payment systems such as change-giver coin mechanisms and cash validators are still fundamental, but the push towards increasingly innovative and technologically advanced cashless payment systems, open loop and connectivity solutions is growing every day. The relationship with the customer must evolve, including from a commercial point of view, to embrace the needs of such a differentiated industry. Coges is investing heavily in the acquisition of new talent, not only in the Research and Development area but also in the commercial office. We are sure that Günter Maas will make an excellent contribution to the growth of Coges and the satisfaction of all our customers.”

Within the Azkoyen Group, Mr. Maas will work as Country Manager of the Payment Technologies division for the Coges and Vendon brands reporting to Sales Manager Daniele Ioriatti. His objective is to further increase Coges’ business in the German-speaking markets, integrating the excellent work carried out for many years by the Coges retailers present in the area and by the Area Manager of Coges Lorenzo Giuliani, who will continue to be active on the market. Günter Maas will also have the goal of developing a direct commercial relationship with the most important vending operators present in these countries.

We are sure that his experience and competence will be of fundamental importance to achieve this objective and will make him appreciated as a new strong point of Coges’ strategy on the international market.

Stay in touch with Günter Maas by calling +49 173 5204030 or sending an email to

Coges invests in the development of the French market with a new Sales area manager

Coges confirms its vocation to grow in the European market thanks to the hiring of a new sales representative, who will be operational in France to cover the needs of this country more quickly and effectively.

In fact, since last September 4th, the Coges commercial team has welcomed Mr. Morgan Briquet, who has assumed the role of Area Manager for Coges France. Morgan has already gained extensive experience in the Coffee and Vending sectors by working for an important company in the sector as Manager of the development, enhancement and loyalty of the B2B customer portfolio. For Coges he will be responsible for following historical customers, developing new leads in France and promoting our payment systems, in order to support Coges’ growth also in correspondence with the launch of important new products on the French market.

Coges Francia therefore acquires another important commercial contact person for all customers and a new point of strength in the team of Stéphane Metzger, historic coordinator and commercial representative of Coges Francia, to which our Customer service specialist already belongs Hervé Ra-quin.

We extend our most sincere congratulations and a warm welcome to Morgan, wishing him much success in this new professional phase with us. Welcome to the Team!

Come visit us at the EVEX 2023 experience

We look forward to seeing you at the EVEX event organized by the European Vending Association: two days of conferences, meetings and cultural activities accompanied by a commercial exhibition. This year the event will be held on 5 and 6 September in Bucharest and Coges is proud to participate at the Vendon stand! Our sales staff will be happy to meet you face to face, find out how we can help you improve your business in the vending world and present you with our best solutions for cashless and cash payment for automatic distribution.

Summer holidays

We inform you that COGES S.p.A. will be closed during summer holidays from Monday 7th up to Monday 21th  August included.

For any urgent technical issue you can send an email to or call Michele Gardellin at the following number +39 3484696082 Available from the day 7th to the 11th, and Davide Rossato at the following number +39 392 131 9115 Available from the day 14th to the 21th  (15th excluded), at the following time: from 9AM to 12AM and from 2PM to 5PM.

Engine Connect, the first payment system born for connectivity

Coges is proud to present Engine Connect, the first payment system “digital native”. Thanks to the 4G integrated module, the Engine Connect can connect to Nebular connectivity service and to the peripherals which need a remote connection without the need for a router or any additional optional modules.

Engine Connect is a payment and connectivity system complete for the Operators  who demand the best for their vending machines, without compromises in terms of quality and performance and without complications.” assures Daniele Ioriatti, Coges sales manager “Engine Connect includes all the functions of Coges Engine, the most advanced payment system in the vending market, and goes further to meet the ever increasing connectivity needs of vending, by offering the connection to credit card readers, telemetry, remote update of programming and prices, credit on the cloud and much more..

Engine Connect is a multi-standard payment system for vending, equipped with all the main functions which made Coges Engine famous: among them the management of 200 price lines, price tables and differentiated time schedules bonuses complete of recharge and free sale, LOCK ID and deposit management. Engine Connect can also be equipped with Bluetooth module for managing the payment by means of smartphone with Pay4Vend and can be set to manage the credit on the cloud with the possibility of remote top-up. What differences it from its predecessors is the integrated 4G connectivity module, which permits to the payment system a remote connection simpler and faster, without the need for installing some additional telemetry modules.

The optional connection to Nebular service allows the Operator to receive in real time the accounting data from the vending machine and the connected peripherals, to send refunds by remote directly to the MyKey key and update the firmware, the database, the programming parameters and the prices without moving from the office. Furthermore Nebular permits to activate the payment by Satispay and to receive on the computer or the management software any report of faults and stock shortages.

The vending machine market becomes ever more evolved and connected.” observes Matteo Pegoraro, Coges technical responsible “An autonomous and complete payment system like Engine offers to the Operator an indispensable advantage in terms of flexibility: it can be installed on any type of vending machine without compromises, avoiding thus to be linked to a specific brand. In this way the Operators can feel free to choose the machine they prefer according to the specific needs of a location, by preferring a model for the hot and another one with a different brand for the snacks: he knows that in any case he will find the most suitable Coges payment system for his needs,  whether it is a versatile system using the universal MyKey key or an innovative card reader.

Engine Connect will be available in MyKey, MIFARE or LEGIC version by Coges and all the resellers in the European countries within the end of the year.

Discover Coges solutions for credit cards at Vending Show 2023

Coges invites you to participate in the Vending Show 2023 in Paris to present all the news for cashless payment in automatic distribution. The important appointment in Paris will return in a renewed guise to Porte de Versailles from 21 to 23 June and Coges will be present together with the company Vendon, European leader in the sector of connectivity for vending and Horeca, which recently joined part of the Azkoyen Group.

Among the most important innovations that you will be able to discover in Paris, the new ENGINE CONNECT payment system deserves a prominent place. ENGINE CONNECT is a further evolution of the COGES ENGINE system equipped with integrated 4G connectivity. This system not only avoids the need for additional telemetry modules, but allows easier connection of credit card readers such as the Ingenico Self 2000 model, avoiding the use of an external router with the consequent costs, dimensions and wiring. ENGINE CONNECT, connected to the NEBULAR platform, is also compatible with the NEBULAR PAY contactless credit card reader, thus offering the Operator the possibility of further expanding its range of payment alternatives based on the needs of individual locations.

Coges will also exhibit its new HEXIS and SOFIS change-giver coin mechanisms at the Vending Show, designed to offer maximum precision both to those who want a complete cashless coin mechanism, full of functions and connectivity ready, and to those who only need a solid and functional MDB peripheral for automatic distribution. There will also be other payment systems for vending by the Italian company, from the CREOS banknote reader to the small DYNAMOS cashless system for MYKEY and MIFARE cashless fobs.

The future of vending is constantly evolving, we are waiting for you at stand C05 to discover all the payment solutions that best suit your needs!

Connect your vending world with Aneda Expocongress 2023 exhibition

Coges is proud to show its solutions for the cashless payments for vending and for connectivity at the first Aneda Expocongress exhibition in Madrid, which will be held at Pabellón de Cristal della Casa de Campo from 23rd to 25th May 2023. For the first time Coges will be present with Vendon company, European leader in the connectivity sector for vending  and Horeca, which recently has become part of the Azkoyen Group.


Thanks to the integration between the payment systems and NEBULAR connectivity platform Coges succeeds in satisfying in a complete way all the needs of the automatic vending operators. At the event of Madrid Coges will show its new COGES ENGINE CONNECT System, together with Ingenico Self 2000 Credit card reader, to offer a more complete cashless experience for all the locations with high frequency like the universities, the airport, the metro and the train stations, hospitals and malls, etc.

Another innovation for the Spanish and the international market is the PALLADIUM TOUCH payment system with touchscreen display and management of the key credit on Cloud, which guarantees the maximum control of the credit on the vending operator’s side. Both COGES ENGINE CONNECT and PALLADIUM TOUCH systems are equipped with an integrated connectivity module, which offers all the advantages of the telemetry without the need for installing and connecting some additional external bulky systems.

The range of Coges payment systems completes with some new products that will be shown at Aneda Expocongress, starting from the new SOFIS change-giver coin mechanism, a precise and functional MDB peripheral, able to guarantee the necessary high performances for satisfying all the vending operator’s exigences.

The appointment in Madrid will also be the occasion to know all the payment system of the Italian company, such as HEXIS change-giver coin mechanism, the new MYKEY key and the little DYNAMOS cashless system.

From the cashless key to the smart payment systems connected to the cloud, Coges has been improving its experience for 45 years to transform the automatic machines in smart systems with a constant innovation to collect a higher number of satisfied customers. We are waiting for you at the stand B17 at Aneda Expocongress, happy to meet each other and to show the future evolution of vending.

Coges invites you to Vendex to discover the future of the cashless transactions

COGES will take part to Vendex Midlands which will be held the 21st of March at Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom to present its solution for a rapid and safe payment without cash.

Vendex is a one-day exhibition devoted to the vending machine sector, an appointment which has been held for 20 years with an increasing success. Coges will be present also this year both at the Coffetek stand – an Azkoyen Group company which is leader in the design and manufacturing of vending machines and coffee machines – and at the Vendon stand – an important European company for telemetry solutions which was recently acquired by the Azkoyen Group.

Coges takes advantage of the event to present its payment systems for the lively and highly technological English market of vending: first of all Nebular Pay credit card reader, the ideal solution to guarantee to its customers the possibility of a rapid purchase with credit card without compromise on the safety of the transaction.  Nebular Pay is a contactless credit card reader, compatible with all the main circuits of physical and virtual cards included Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Nebular Pay works without inserting the card in the reader or the introduction of a PIN, making it perfect for all the locations with a high passage such as airports, public stations, schools and universities, where the customers need to make purchases without missing time and in a simple and convenient way, using for the sector of the uncontrolled sales, the same experience of the retail shops.

In this occasion Coges will show also the functions of the Pay4Vend, the payment app with smartphone for vending machines. Pay4Vend is an app designed to purchase any product from the vending machine by means of the smartphone, as an integration of the cashless payment systems. Its operation is extremely simple: all that the consumer has to do is open the Pay4Vend app on his smartphone, select the vending machine and proceed with the purchase from the machine.

Come and see us at Vendex by the Coffetek  stand (no. 113/114/115) and Vendon one (no. 30), we will be happy to present you the best cashless solutions to guarantee a high satisfaction of your customers in vending!

Nebular, the complete payment system for your vending machine

Nebular is a complete hardware, software and cloud ecosystem designed to remotely control and manage your vending machine. Nebular allows the Vending Manager to connect their online payment systems and view real-time accounting data such as: number and value of sales, type of products sold, payment methods, sales trends and much more. Nebular can also update vending machine software and parameters, display errors and inactive machines, and send refunds to MyKey means of payment. Furthermore, it allows you to use Coges or third-party products that require a connected payment system.

Find out more by watching the new presentation video!

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