Whatever your need in the world of Vending, Coges is ready!

Discover all the advantages of Nebular integrated platform and the complete range of Coges products connected on the new page www.nebular.online.

From the virtual wallet of MyKey to the contactless Card reader Nebular Pay, from Coges Engine System to the smart change-giver up to the new Palladium Touch System with integrated modem, Coges does not propose a unique hardware or software product, but a complete scalable solution designed with you to satisfy the needs of Customers and make your company grow.

Make all your Clients love you: Share with your Customers some loyalty programs, data analysis and unique functions, independently from the payment method. They will reward you with more purchases and positive feedback.

Maximize the takings by accepting all methods of payment: accept the whole range of payment options, from cash to MyKey, credit cards and app for mobile payment. Integrate the payment solutions of third parties which are more widespread among your clients. You will never give up on a sale for missing choices!

Reach the operative excellence: improve your business intelligence with some data audits, reports on sales and transactions on cashless media in real time.  Optimize the product stock of your vending machine and reduce the time for filling.

Reduce the inefficiencies and the technical costs: receive warnings when your vending machine is inactive, reduce the inspection visits and avoid the missing sales. Plan remote updates of prices, configuration parameters, firmware and database.

Now you can access the control dashboard of your systems connected to Nebular by clicking on the LOGIN button or by using the new connection links:

cloud.nebular.online for Nebular 2.0 portal;

cloud1.nebular.online for the previous Nebular portal up to your account transfer on Nebular 2.0

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Tags: 23 May 2022
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