Engine Connect, the first payment system born for connectivity

Coges is proud to present Engine Connect, the first payment system “digital native”. Thanks to the 4G integrated module, the Engine Connect can connect to Nebular connectivity service and to the peripherals which need a remote connection without the need for a router or any additional optional modules.

Engine Connect is a payment and connectivity system complete for the Operators  who demand the best for their vending machines, without compromises in terms of quality and performance and without complications.” assures Daniele Ioriatti, Coges sales manager “Engine Connect includes all the functions of Coges Engine, the most advanced payment system in the vending market, and goes further to meet the ever increasing connectivity needs of vending, by offering the connection to credit card readers, telemetry, remote update of programming and prices, credit on the cloud and much more..

Engine Connect is a multi-standard payment system for vending, equipped with all the main functions which made Coges Engine famous: among them the management of 200 price lines, price tables and differentiated time schedules bonuses complete of recharge and free sale, LOCK ID and deposit management. Engine Connect can also be equipped with Bluetooth module for managing the payment by means of smartphone with Pay4Vend and can be set to manage the credit on the cloud with the possibility of remote top-up. What differences it from its predecessors is the integrated 4G connectivity module, which permits to the payment system a remote connection simpler and faster, without the need for installing some additional telemetry modules.

The optional connection to Nebular service allows the Operator to receive in real time the accounting data from the vending machine and the connected peripherals, to send refunds by remote directly to the MyKey key and update the firmware, the database, the programming parameters and the prices without moving from the office. Furthermore Nebular permits to activate the payment by Satispay and to receive on the computer or the management software any report of faults and stock shortages.

The vending machine market becomes ever more evolved and connected.” observes Matteo Pegoraro, Coges technical responsible “An autonomous and complete payment system like Engine offers to the Operator an indispensable advantage in terms of flexibility: it can be installed on any type of vending machine without compromises, avoiding thus to be linked to a specific brand. In this way the Operators can feel free to choose the machine they prefer according to the specific needs of a location, by preferring a model for the hot and another one with a different brand for the snacks: he knows that in any case he will find the most suitable Coges payment system for his needs,  whether it is a versatile system using the universal MyKey key or an innovative card reader.

Engine Connect will be available in MyKey, MIFARE or LEGIC version by Coges and all the resellers in the European countries within the end of the year.

Tags: 19 July 2023
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