Coges cashless systems meet the EVA-EPS requirements

Coges desires to inform its Customers that all versions of E.C.S. Dynamos and Coges Engine cashless payment systems – Coges Engine system together with Nebular Pay Credit card reader for vending machines included – obtained the EVA-EPS (Electronic Payment Specifications) compliance code. The latter, which is released by EVA Committee dedicated to Electronic Payment, confirms the compliance with the EVA standards of Coges payment systems.

The design of Coges systems has always been focused on the international standards and the compatibility with the design criteria of the vending machines, both from mechanics point of view as well as the communication protocols.”- states Matteo Pegoraro, Coges R&D Manager – “In this way the need for intervention of technical integration is reduced on both sides and the Operator can exploit his investment in Vending as much as possible.

The EVA-EPS standard, whose second release was issued in 2020, defines the minimum requirements which shall be met by the vending machines and the electronic payment systems to guarantee the mutual compatibility. The standard includes both hardware, software and communication specifications, giving some indications also for a purchasing process by the end-user that is friendly and  consistent with the consumers’ experience with other payment methods.

Coges has been an active member of Cashless EVA Committee for Electronic Payment for over 15 years and has taken part to this standard definition together with other suppliers of payment systems and vending machines.” – highlights Stefano Bertoldo, Coges Product Manager – “The respect of these criteria guarantees to the European Operator a high quality  purchase, an easy update of the payment systems from the technological evolution perspective and at the same time a cost reduction in integration.

Coges cashless payment systems involved in EVA compliance are: E.C.S. Dynamos System both for MyKey and MIFARE key/card and Coges Engine System for Base and Plus versions, with Key, MIFARE and LEGIC® key/cards and last, but not least, Coges Engine Plus System equipped with PMT Nebular Pay Credit card reader. For additional information on these products you can contact our reseller network throughout Europe.

Tags: 07 July 2021
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