Discover Joyco at Vendex North 2018

Today, Tuesday 13th November, Coges presents Joyco at Vendex North in Manchester, UK.
The app Joyco allows you to customize the drink and pay it at the vending machine directly through a mobile device, ensuring the security of online payment through Apple Pay, Paypal or credit card.
This app can be used to select the drink directly on a smartphone, choosing the quantity of ingredients, saving the favourite recipe.
Joyco provides the consumer with a significant improvement in comfort and user experience, eliminating the mandatory use of cash on all machines with Coges Engine or Unica and allowing the complete personalization of Azkoyen and Coffetek Hot Drink machine drinks.
Joyco is an innovative technological solution that facilitates a direct communication channel between the operator and the client.
Furthermore, the operator will have the possibility to collect data and consumption statistics that could be analyzed.
This app can also be used in environments without Internet signal through Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the vending machine.
Discover Joyco at Vendex North, we will wait for you!

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