Elysium system
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Bring new life to your vending machine and open to digital signage opportunities with a payment system integrated into an interactive touch screen.
Elysium is a telemetry and payment system connected to a touch screen, based on the Azkore edge platform. The system allows you to renew the existing fleet of machines by equipping the vending machine with a touch screen and connectivity to take advantage of the most innovative payment and interactivity functions with the end user. Through Azkore it is possible to create a customized graphical interface for the Operator, updating it remotely via the Cloud.

Make your customers satisfied and increase loyalty with the most innovative payment and interactivity functions powered by IoT.

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Hexis Change-giver Coin mechanism offers to the Operator the best Coges experience in the payment solutions for the vending machines: a module for coin validation equipped of an innovative technology for multi-frequency reading, a cashless integrated system in order to offer all the advantages of the combined paymentwith key and cash and the possibility of connecting some new electronic modules for the connection to the smartphone and the system remote control. The integrated unit of Hexis data recording, permits a complete control of the accounting data, including the coins into the tubes, the coins into the cash and a detail of the sales per selection. It is possible to download all the data on a USB pendrive and read them with a free Coges software or integrate them in a management software.
Chiave MyKey
The use of offline cashless payment systems allows setting tiered prices in vending machines, anticipating sales incomes and reducing cash management costs while providing accurate accounting data. It is enough to insert the cashless key in a Reader and charge it by inserting some cash. From that moment on the cashless key will replace the use of cash in all the vending machines managed by the same Operator and will be used for purchasing products or any desired service: at each purchase the cost of the product will be decreased from the credit charged, till it is used up. The cashless Mykey can be recharged at any moment and in any vending machine equipped with a device for cash validation, or using a special terminal. This operation can be always carried out in autonomous way by the User.
Expand your range of payment options with a customizable terminal that's easy to set up and simple to use, giving your customers the same shopping experience as a retail store. This credit card reader proposed by Coges for vending allows quick and secure payment and allows the customer to type the PIN directly on the reader's touch screen. QPAYpos can be connected to a Coges payment system to offer you integration with MyKey and a complete collection of accounting data and transactions. The reader accepts payments from all chip and contactless credit cards, including those virtualized on smartphones.
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