Remote programming of your payment systems with Nebular

Coges carries on the update of Nebular connectivity platform, the complete solution for a remote control and management of your vending machine. For all Nebular customers now it’s available the new function for parameter remote programming: Online VisualProgrammer. This function brings the functions of the appreciated programming software of Coges payment systems online, without the need for programming accessories such as the E.C.S. Programmer, the K4U Analyzer Terminal and the Program-Key service keys above all without the need to physically switch on the machine in the location. Online VisualProgrammer permits to read and change the programming parameters of the payment system on the Nebular portal – price settings included – and to send them later to the system by remote. It is also possible to read the parameters from a system connected to Nebular, to change and then send them to one or more connected systems. Finally it is possible to decide to apply the price changes immediately or to wait that a data recording is carried out: in this case, the changes will be automatically applied after the recording.

The remote programming of the operation parameters of the payment system meets the needs of the vending Operators, especially in a moment when each intervention of the personnel by a location shall be planned and agreed upon with the customer because of the anti-COVID-19 security and prevention rules. Online VisualProgrammer permits not only to save on the cost of programming accessories, but also to optimize time and as a consequence costs for update intervention: thanks to Nebular the technician will be able to intervene on many systems in different locations directly from his workplace, without unnecessary transfers.

Online VisualProgrammer further enhances the range of functions offered by Coges Nebular platform: from the data recording, which includes alarms, temperatures and real-time information on sales and recharges, to the management of the product stock, from the possibility to update the coin and bill database to the firmware update, from the refunds of the MyKey credit to the management of the transactions on the single keys.  All our technologies are realized to make your locations more reliable and flexible and they develop constantly with this aim.  Nebular is no exception and represents an open payment platform which, at the same time, permits the preparation for payment by credit cards, Coges apps and apps belonging to third party.

Nebular is integrated with the main European software management systems and can be accessed 24h/7d where a control dashboard for your payment systems is available whenever you need.

Tags: 15 March 2021
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