Creos: a Bill Validator ready for the most difficult locations

Coges desires to inform his Customers that some important technical changes have been implemented in Creos Bill Validator during the last months, with the aim to further improve its performances and reliability. These changes come from the analysis of the product life and have already been implemented in all the Validator’s models which are currently manufactured.

By observing the Bill Validators installed in locations with serious environmental conditions, such as very dusty workplaces or production areas of heavy industry, we  found out that some Operators increase the frequency of their maintenance interventions.” – reports Giovanni Riva, Coges Customer Service Manager – “Generally they are limited to short stops finalized to the Validator cleaning, which in normal locations are not necessary; but we decided to intervene to further reduce this possibility.

Creos Validator was designed to offer a bill acceptance at the maximum reliability levels for the vending market and to allow a high degree of use of the Validator even in stressed and enduring conditions. The attention of Coges R&D Dept. mainly focused  on the strengthening of the anti-fishing device, on the optics and on the dragging mechanisms.

Taken one by one, the new mechanical and electronical changes can slip out in the daily use of the product. ” –  highlights Matteo Pegoraro, Coges R&D Manager – “On the whole, however, they contribute to decrease more than 50% of cleaning internal interventions of the Bill Validator, also in the more extreme locations. It is a significant result, which for our Customers translates into less operative stops and lower management costs, which are particularly important in this period, when every exit to the Customer’s location shall be valued carefully.

The current changes are a result of a specific attention to the Customer’s needs, which go beyond the product sale. The strengthening of the anti-fishing device permits a reduction of the maintenance needs thanks to the minor impact to the environmental conditions on the Validator’s operation and on the possibility of dust and dirt accumulation.  The dragging flow reduces the effort of the motor and increases the bill grip, thanks to the increase of the motor couple which optimise the performances and guarantee some constant operative conditions.

This means that the Customer will have a more reliable product also in some difficult environments and with a higher operation autonomy. Thanks to the experience on the field and to the precious feedback received from the Customers, Coges makes a constant monitoring and refinement of the performances of its products, by remaining a reliable reference for the ongoing evolution in the vending world.

Tags: 08 March 2021
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