How does the self-locking of the tube box of Hexis work?

The tube box of Hexis Change-giver Coin mechanism is locked by an electromagnet which blocks its opening. By means of the programming menu the box can be set to unlock freely or to be locked. In this case the opening will be allowed only after the insertion of an authorized key or the entering of an opening code on the keypad of the Coin mechanism. Up to five opening codes can be set.

The box opening by key or password is registered in a special event log which cannot be changed, therefore it is possible to check during the data collection phase when the tube box was opened, with which key or code and how long.

The registration of the unlock operations of the tube box occurs automatically also with the Coin mechanism switched off. This function guarantees to the operator a high level of security as whoever goes and act on the vending machine or on the Coin mechanism, if unauthorized, cannot physically access the accumulated cash.

Take a look to Hexis page for further information.

Tags: 11 May 2021
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