Coges presents Creos, the new bill validator

Coges presents Creos, the most innovative bill validator in the Vending sector, which will be available for purchase from early October.

Creos is the heir of Lithos. It was born to make the bill acceptance and the usability of the validator more reliable and efficient even in conditions of high and persistent stress. All this was achieved by means of a new polycarbonate bezel and an improved driving system compared to the models already present on the market.

Thanks to the 9 high precision optical signals installed in Creos, the machine can carry out the bill recognition, verify its alignment and read the entire surface accurately. In addition, the security of the bill validator is guaranteed by an optical anti-fishing system to prevent the inserted bill from being fished again, by a cash presence sensor and by a draining system protecting against liquids.

Another key strength of Creos is its flexibility of use and possibility of updating: the validator can be programmed with a simple pendrive, thanks to the side door, and is supplied complete with several bill databases, given by Coges free of charge.

All these features make Creos an ideal tool for the bill recognition, together with its capacity and its memory (it can hold up to 600 bills and store 100 models).

Tags: Array 07 October 2018
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