Coges joins the Common Smartcard Solution Association

Coges is proud to announce today its membership in the German association Common Smartcard Solution Association (CSSA), dedicated to fostering standardized data structures for RFID applications. The aim of this association is to support modern closed-loop payment systems in community catering, campus and leisure projects as well as access control.

This membership represents a further step forward by Coges towards strengthening its presence in Germany.” comments Günter Maas, Country Manager of Coges “We intend to contribute to the activities of this association with the aim of offering even greater transparency and security to managers in the vending and in the catering sector, closely interconnected markets especially in operators and in the D/A/CH area countries.

The Common Smartcard association has developed an innovative smartcard data structure called openCashFile (oCF) together with leading payment companies. oCF is a data structure that provides extended and overarching functionality for digital wallets on virtually all smartcards technologies. Many enterprises have joined the Common Smartcard initiative. They include big-name companies in the smartcard industry, as well as individual professionals involved as consultants in RFID projects. All the members are committed to the Association’s goal of developing and applying common standards and data structures for their customers.

The purpose of our membership is making our solutions even more flexible with respect to the growing demand for integration. More and more projects are involving complementary industries and ask for interconnected technologies” remarks Lorenzo Giuliani, Export Sales Manager of Coges “Our company has extensive experience in closed-loop systems throughout Europe, we are confident that we could contribute constructively to the mission of this association to offer customers a wider choice of options and a high standard of quality.

With over forty-five years in the industry, Coges is a European leader in the design and manufacture of cashless and cash payment systems for vending machines. The use of cashless payment systems makes it possible to set a differentiated pricing policy in vending machines, to anticipate revenue from sales and to reduce cash handling costs, while providing accurate accounting data. Coges’ cashless systems use the best of MIFARE and LEGIC technologies or its proprietary encrypted system.

Tags: 09 April 2024
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